Winner319 droplet laser particle size analyzer

Winner319 droplet laser particle size analyzer

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Jinan Winner Particle Instrument Stock Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China / 2000
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Product name Winner319 droplet laser particle size analyzer Certification -
Category Electrical Instrument
Other Analyzers
Electronic Measuring Instruments
Other Measuring & Gauging
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Product Information


Winner319 is a specially designed and developed bench-top spray laser particle size analyzer for droplet size test. This instrument adopts Fraunhofer diffraction principle and parallel light path design with high-performance and high-power laser, lifetime>25000hours, which can meet the requirements of droplet test. And the test range can be adjusted according to the customers’ requirement, 90% of universities's Choice!


Winner is the only one manufacturer of Industry Spray particle size analyzer in China!






Winner319 can be applied to Fire control,forest,pesticide spray test, Medicine nebulizer droplet test, aircraft engine,spray prilling, Nozzle research,any aerosol etc., Therefore especially suits the laboratories of enterprises, colleges and universities and research institutes to use.



 Production Features and Advantages:


1, Exclusive patent technology

It adopts representative Parallel optical testing technology and Spectrum amplification technique and realizes the wide range expansion in limited space. Besides, it adds several Auxiliary integration photoelectric detector, which can effectively collect scattering light from every angle in the testing range, realizing the testing accuracy and reliability in the whole range.


2, Unique Airflow Protection Device


It has airflow protection device, which can effectively protect the lens and avoid droplet pollution to lens in testing process.


3, Split-Type Structure Design

Split-Type structure and adjustable test area can meet the needs of the spray test in any conditions and It has many specialties, such as non-contact measurements, non-interfering etc.


4,Stable automatic optical path alignment system

Remove adjusted difficulty caused by the light path movement, the light path alignment system can be corrected by a key


5,Multiple size distribution model

Free choice standard model, RR distribution and Lognormal distribution. Can convert the volume distribution and individual number distribution freely.



Technical Parameters:






Executive Standard



 Fraunhofer diffraction principle

Instrument Structure


Testing Range




Number of Channels





<3% (National Standard Sample D50)


<3% (National Standard Sample D50)



LD Pump Laserλ=532nm, p>40mw, life time>25000 hour


Sampling  Mode

Open Style

Working temperature


Environment humidity



Common model, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP operation system, need install Office 2003

Output parameters

Particle volume distribution curve, D10-D100 any parameters

Testing Area Length


Lens Protection

Double gas episodic

Outer Dimension

Launch port: L369*W295*H360mm  Receive port:L858*W295*H360mm






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Jinan Winner Particle Instrument Stock Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China / 2000
Business type


Mr. Zhongjing Ren
Building F, North Area, University scientific Park,Shunhua road, High tech Zones, Jinan, Shandong, China
Product Category
Testing Equipment
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Company introduction


      Jinan Winner Particle Instruments Joint Stock Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to developing, manufacturing and selling particle characterizing instruments. We have been leading this industry in China for more than 20 years.
Our mission is to develop and bring to customers the most advanced particle-size-analysis solutions. Our products, from the portable range and the desk-top range, to the dry-powder analyzers and the spray analyzers, always stand in the frontier of the technical trends.
We have the first-class R&D team, with experts specialized in optics, electronics, computer science, chemistry and material science. Our president, Prof. Zhongjing Ren, has been studying particle measuring technology in China ever since 1982. He was the leader of a key project of the Seventh Five-year-research-plan of China. He enjoys a high reputation in the area of particle measuring techniques. We are in frequent cooperation with colleges and institutes for researching projects.
We are honored as 'the enterprise with the strongest capability to innovate in China’ and 'the pilot in the particle-measuring-technology in China'. We are classified into the top fifty enterprises in Asia in the industry related to particuological technologies.

Our History:

1985  Prof. Zhongjing Ren directed a research project: the development of on-line cement particle analyzers, and that year this project was put into the list of the Seventh China’s Seventh Five-year-research-plan.
1990  The on-line cement particle analyzers passed the acceptance exam of China’s Seventh Five-year-research-plan The comments were ‘the pioneer of the art in China’ and ‘one of the most advanced technologies of this age’.
1993  The on-line cement particle analyzer won the gold medal at the First China’s Technology Expo.
1994  Took on a project of the Shandong province’s Eighth Five-year-research-plan which led to JL 9200 portable laser particle size analyzer, and had it patented.
1995  JL 9200 portable laser particle size analyzer was put into the list of ‘China’s most important new product’.
1996  Took on China’s Ninth Five-year-research-plan which led to JL 9300 laser dry-particle size analyzer. This invention won the third-grade ‘Award for Science & Tech. Progression in Shandong Province’.
2000  Jinan Winner Particle Technology Co. Ltd formally established.
2002  Winner laser particle size analyzer, Winner 2000, was approved by China’s Standard Material Research Center.
2003  Winner 2000 obtained the new product certificate of metrological instruments from Shandong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
2004  Winner Company obtains CMC certification.
2005  Moved to Jinan’s high and new technology industrial development zone.
2006  Approved as ‘Jinan’s High and New Technology Enterprise’
2007  Obtained ISO90001:2000 International Quality Management System Certification.
2007.  Developed China’s first dynamic image particle size analyzer and passed the acceptance exam by Jinan Science Bureau. The comments were ‘the pioneer of the art in China’ and ‘one of the most advanced technologies in the world’.
2008   Developed CR128 digital correlator.
2009   Developed China’s first light correlation nano particle size analyzer
2008   Approved as ‘China’s High and New Technology Enterprise’
2010.  Now Winner is ten years old, and it became a joint stock Company.


Main Markets

Bangladesh Bangladesh

Cambodia Cambodia

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

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