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credit card terminal, eft pos, msr reader
Card Readers & Adapters , POS Systems
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E2S Corp Co,. Ltd

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product name ONECLICK M100 Certification -
Category Card Readers & Adapters
POS Systems
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Product Information

The Most Advanced and Innovated Card Reader
ONECLICK M100 provides many advantages for companies who need solutions for Card swiping and Sign Pad function. It can work with Coin exchanger and vending machine easily. The terminal suits markets is any applications need MSR such as Coin exchanger, vending machine, game machine, taxi, store, karaoke machine and etc.

Processor & Operating System   Dimensions
Microprocessor Cortex-ARM 32Bit RISC CPU   79mm(W) X 144mm(L) X48mm(H)
Key Pad   Wireless Modem (Option)
Acrylic Switch 3key,Blue LED backlight   Can support CDMA, GSM/GPRS, 3G & LTE depend on requirement
Display   Power Adapter
128x64 Gray STN LCD, Yellow Green Backlight   5V DC 2A/h Adaptor INPUT
Touch Screen   Environmental
4Wire Non-Glare Type   Operating Temperature : -20°~ 80
Magnetic Card Reader   Storage Temperature :-30°~90°
Magnetic stripe ISO7811,Track II   Humidity : 5% to 95%
Peripheral Port    
Serial Port : 1EA (Baud Rate : 9600pbs)    

Competitive Features

  • 1 years Warranty (The warranty period can be also extended more by a separate agreement.)
  • Long term life time support up to 5 years
  • Long term experiences and know-how accumulated in the fields since 2007.
  • Various options: Built-in wireless such as GSM/GPRS/3G/LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, RFID and others and extended serial/digital inputs and outputs, etc.
  • ONECLICK SDK: Provides developers with a convenient and effective way to incorporate credit cards into their solutions.
  • Customization or OEM/ODM is available


B2B Trade

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E2S Corp Co,. Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type



In Suk Kim
2F, Sincere building, 332-34,Gochun-Dong, Uiwang-City, Gyounggi-Do,Korea
Product Category
Card Readers & Adapters,Financial Equipment,POS Systems
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction
As one of the most popular manufacturers of ETF-POS in Korea.EES Corp Co., Ltd was founded in 2007 in the name of Enterprise Electronic Service for providing payment terminal. E2S Corp Co,. Ltd has kept developing and introducing new products to the Market gaining good reputations from customers in the world as a worldwide leader of ETF-POS systems, E2S Corp Co,. Ltd operates from manufacturing and development as a your partner. Our mission is to service the full spectrum of retailers by offering the highest quality at the most competitive prices. E2S'ONCLIK products are the most reliable POS Terminals on the market today. Backed by a generous warranty, all products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Thank you for visiting our website. E2S Corp Co., Ltd invites your inquiries. An authorized sales and service representative stands ready to support all of your POS Terminal needs. E2S Corp Co., Ltd has openings for additional sales and service organizations to support the rapid growth of our POS Solutions. Please contact us to find out how E2S Corp Co.,Ltd can delight your retail merchants with our line of ONCLICK card payment terminals.
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