Marine Collagen Revital Peptide Mist / Skin Care

MARINECOS Marine Collagen Revital Peptide Mist

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marine collagen, mist, peptide, royal jelly
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Marine Techno

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Jul 23, 2024
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2014
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Product name Marine Collagen Revital Peptide Mist / Skin Care Certification -
Category Other Facial Care Ingredients -
Keyword marine collagen , mist , peptide , royal jelly Unit Size 40.0 * 40.0 * 175.0 mm
Brand name MARINECOS Unit Weigh 204 g
origin South Korea Stock 2000
Supply type OEM HS code 3304991000

Product Information

"Marine Techno" Marine Techno has the technology for the production of clean marine collagen, natural skin care products, and multi-function aquatic feed source, Our high-quality products are created from fish skin, with high protein extracted, refined and processed with our technology. Marine collagen is in the limelight owing to the recently-discovered safety issues of land-borne animal collagen Marine collagen is a structural protein that makes up approximately 1/3 of the human body and is already being used in food, cosmetics and medicine in leading countries, We promise to pursue further development using marine collagen to deliver quality products.

Marine Collagen Revital Peptide Mist


Net. weight : 120ml
Product Specifications : All Skin Types
Expiration Date : 12 months after opening
How to use : Shake to mix the contents well, then spray 20cm from the area. Can be used both before and after makeup.


Treasure of sea sargassum serratifolium.
23 patented technologies’Core product.

4 effects by 1 spray.
- Removal of free radicals.
- Improvement of elasticity.
- Texture radiance care.
- Skin moisturizing formation.

Overcoming the limitations of mist.
- cares by 1 spray.
- The best combination of raw material specialist.
- Fine mist spray that fills in skin gaps.
- Safety design with french nozzle and air compression method.

Basic care with several products at once? It may be a contradictory care.
The reality that people use 5 products at the same time for 1 care on average.
- Not working properly.
- Occurrence of covering pores while reapplying.
- Cosmetics pushed out and not absorbed evenly into the skin.

Then what should we do?
No need for 5 different basics, Just focus on Marine Mist.

Pre-user’s review.
Q Did the moisturizing last for a long time?
Satisfaction: 91.5
Q Are you satisfied with the degree of elasticity improvement?
Satisfaction: 95.5
Q Did you felt the skin texture’s radiance?
Satisfaction: 96.5

Early marine mists only emphasized ‘moisture’, which was faithful to the mist’s basic function.
However, we wanted to make a cosmetic product unique to MARINECOS, not a product that can be made in all cosmetic industries and developed a premium mist that can complete basic care with just one mist.

8 Years of product development, 5 billion won of research.

Have you heard of the antioxidant mass in the sea, the Sargassum Serratifolium?
This is a perennial brown algae that grows only in the southeast coast and Jeju Island in Korea and is full of antioxidants.
We extracted Sarga-X from Sargassum Serratifolium.

Antioxidant by itself patented ingredient contains Sarga-X
Sarga-X, which is called antioxidant itself, helps remove free radicals in the skin that cause skin problems.

MARINCOS’s efforts to improve elasticity more perfectly.
Natural Sargassum Serratifolium.
MARINECOS directly cultivates Sargassum Serratifolium in an optimal environment and carefully selects and manufactures only those full of Sarga-X.
Among the harvested raw materials, only those with highly active ingredients are carefully selected.

Check out more details.
- Just 1 spray for magical care.
- Marine mist made by raw material experts!
- Professional design considering usability.

1 spray for care improvements.
Just 1 spray for magical care.

With one mist care improvements designed.
Antioxygen Care
Antioxidants remove free radicals in the skin, improving the foundation for skin care.
Elasticity Care
Replenish the inside of the skin where free radicals have been removed with collagen.
Texture Care
As the inside is filled, the outer skin becomes firmer, giving a clean texture and subtle glow.
Moisturizing Care
Moisturizing is essential! Formation of skin for continuous moisturization!

It’s not a common mist.
It is different when raw material specialists make it.

In addition to the sargassum serratifolium,it also contains luxury ingredients used as main ingredients in basic care products.
About 90% of collagen, a structural protein that composes our body, is made of type I collagen.
Whether it is cosmetics or inner beauty, the smaller the molecule, the higher the absorption rate.
However, Marine Collagen is 500 Daltons! It is about 1/600 smaller than that of animal collagen, so the body absorption rate is about 84% higher.

We also paid attention to ingredients for effect boosting.
Skin soothing ingredients Centella Asiatica and Royal Jelly. Skin Moisturizing Ingredients Water Soluble Collagen and Marine Elastin. Acidulous Care with Natural Ingredients

Acidulous care with natural ingredients.
For healthy skin, we controlled acidity with aronia vinegar food raw material, without chemical ingredients. For true inner beauty, safer ingredients were selected.

Fast absorption without even touching.
No matter how good the ingredients are, if the skin can't absorb them, it's a waste.
Marine Mist even thought about the absorption power for the skin to absorb the active ingredients well.

Nano-emulsion is a method that helps active ingredients to be stably delivered deep into the skin.
The nano-sized active ingredients are wrapped in a double phospholipid membrane that is identical to the structure of the skin to increase skin affinity, so there is no fear of deterioration, and it is densely absorbed into the skin.

Beyond-all quality design with usability
Marine Mist was created to solve the disadvantages of existing basic products and mists.

Spray power.
Everyone has experienced the spit-like mist.
However, Marine mist uses a fine mist pump made by Albéa, France. By spraying mist particles finely like a real mist, the formulation can be evenly delivered even to curved areas.

Marine Mist is filled with air, not gas, so there is no leakage or risk of explosion because the container is sealed.

Absorption power.
Hard to pat it with your hands after spraying? No more hand washing!
Marine Mist is quickly absorbed without patting because the ultra-fine particle formulation is delivered to the skin.

- When using or after using the cosmetics, if there are any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling, or itching due to direct sunlight, consult with a specialist.
- Refrain from using the product on areas with scars, etc.
- Warning for storage and handling.
A) Keep out of reach of children.
B) Store away from direct sunlight.





Width 40×Length 40×Height 175mm, Weight 204g(Volume 120ml)


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Marine Techno

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2014
Recent Visit
Jul 23, 2024
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Jae-Ho hwang
Yulchonsandn 4 ro 13 26-192,203 Standard Factory, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Product Category
Bath Soap,Facial Care,Facial Cleanser
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Company introduction

Marine Techno Inc has the technology for the production of clean marine collagen and natural skincare products. Our high-quality products are created from fish skin, with our registered IP technology.

Marine Collagen is in the lime light owing to the recently-discovered safety issues of land-borne animal collagen. Marine collagen is a structural protein that makes up approximately 1/3 of the human body and is already being used in food, cosmetics and medicine in leading countries. We promise to pursue further development using marine collagen to deliver quality products.


MarineTechno Inc. is producing, distributing and merchandising functional cosmetics. “Marinecos” which has high purity marine collagen for moisture and natural extracts instead of unwholesome ingredients such as paraben, fragranceand preservative.




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