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microfiber cloth, microfiber lens cleaning cloth, microfiber cleaning cloth glasses, microfiber promotional
Eyewear Accessories , Other Home Textile , Cleaning Cloths , Promotional Gifts , Other Camera Accessories
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in a Root

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
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Product name Microfiber Cleaning Cloth NO.6142 Certification -
Category Eyewear Accessories
Other Home Textile
Cleaning Cloths
Promotional Gifts
Other Camera Accessories
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Keyword microfiber cloth , microfiber lens cleaning cloth , microfiber cleaning cloth glasses , microfiber promotional Unit Size -
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origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 630710

Product Information


Microfiber Cleaning Cloth





Product Description


Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Camera Lens smartphone Galaxy Tab Sony Nexus Chromo Computer screens LCD & LED 3D TV Screens camcorder Tablets

microfiber lens cleaning cloth for Eyeglasses Glasses Sunglasses goggles

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for guitar violin piano oboe flute clarinet

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Watches Car Windscreen Windows Display

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Cosmetic produces, birth supplies, kitchen products, kitchen electric appliances





Microfiber of In a Root


Microfiber produced in the In a Root is weaved with the strands 1/100 thick of human hair. It can wipe even fine dust without scratch when the user wipes the surface of soft and sensitive products. It shows the most excellent effect among the currently existing cleaners thanks to its superior hygroscopic property for oil and moisture. In addition, microfiber is the advanced material having the characteristic of being dried in a short time as well as quick absorbing ability.


Microfiber can be used for Smartphones Lenses Computer screens Eyeglasses Cell phones LCD screen Digital Photo Video Camera Glasses Sunglasses LCD & LED 3D TV Camera lens Filters and all surfaces of your camera or camcorder guitar violin piano oboe flute clarinet wiping the dust, fingerprint, etc. on the vehicle polishing as well as hand mirror.


All the products produced in the In a Root adopt 100% Made in KOREA yarns only allowing to manufacture the bestmicrofiber.


In a Root’s microfiber products are safe in its usage.




Use of ttakka the microfiber


Microfiber with finely woven fibrous tissue is effective for atopy, asthma and rhinitis because even mites cannot dig into.


Its excellent anti biotic action is effective for personal hygiene items such like handkerchief and for skin care such as callus removal, etc.


It is an essential necessity, by removing dirt without any scratches, for industrial equipment maintenance such like electronic appliances, cameras, glasses, precision processing machinery, precision measurement instruments, etc.


Its high moisture absorption function, which is higher than cotton by 2-5 times, makes it a must-have material in sports - swimming, mountain climbing, golf and etc.


It delivers superior antibacterial effect for cleaning kitchenware with its fine thickness of the tissue.


Advantages of ttakka the microfiber


Ttakka the microfiber is made with additional process so called the pitch processing.

The microfiber with the pitch processing enhances the wiping capacity by 40%, and has the effect of suppressing static electricity.

The thickness becomes a little thinner than before by scraping the fabric though, the wiping capacity of its most important basic characteristic of the microfiber is extremely increased.

Excellent cleaning ability

It efficiently wipe off dirt than any other fiber by absorbing oil and dirt through between fine strands, and does not leave any tiny spot. If a cleaning solution is added a little, the cleaning capacity is much enhanced.

It boasts superior surface polishing performance, and protects the surface against scratch.

It easily polishes with the super-removing efficacy for foreign materials. In addition, it can prevent the surface from scratches as chemicals such as silicon is not added.

Superior antibacterial quality

The ttakka cleaner of the fine tissue thinner  than 1/100 of the hair thickness can remove bacteria up to 94.7%.



▒ Reasonable prices in the client’s position

▒ Inimitable excellent quality

▒ Exact delivery date

▒ Clean work process, Clean production of the products


Company  introduction 


In-a-Root commercializes its own design and manufactures/exports microfiber fabric in ttakka brand.

in-a-Root takes prides in its own design product (designed by ttakka), superior printing technology, high quality, neat finishing treatment. Furthermore, the know-how of production allows you the quality guarantee.

Microfiber fabric with excellent antibiosis, polishing, hygroscopicity and touch is used in removing polluted substances without scratch on the sensitive surfaces of optical lens, goggles, sunglasses, LCD,TV or computer screen, high-class bag, jewelry, watch, musical instrument, furniture, etc.

As the digital printing supplier in Korea, we produce the products in more luxurious style by printing out the client-desired various colors and designs by DTP method.

Microfiber fabric produced through a strict quality control can be used for advertisement, promotion and giveaway products such as the companys brand image or product photo, logo printing, etc.

We also sell super-quality high-shrinkage microfiber fabric the surface polishing property of which is increased by 30% or more.                                            

You can choose 5,000 types of design by ttakka products in the companys homepage. New designs developed through continued product development will be updated from time to time.


All the designs used for ttakka are the ttakka’s unique creative works registered with copyright. 

Any infringement of copyright by using it without permission is subject to legal responsibility.






B2B Trade

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in a Root

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
Business type



Changgeun Lee
52, Seongseodong-ro 65-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Rep.of KOREA
Product Category
Cleaning Cloths,Eyewear Accessories,Mobile Phones & Accessories,Other Camera Accessories,Printed Fabric
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction


in a Root is the company for digital printing for textile.

in a Root can stably provide products at a price customers can afford by minimizing failure rate and loss because it carries out almost all the process from buying yarn to weaving it itself.

in a Root manufactures women’s clothing, accessories for women including scarf, outdoor clothing, swimsuit, and microfiber design cleaner.

In terms of women’s clothing, accessories and swimsuit, it is produced based on OEM (original equipment manufacturing) by focusing on export, and when it comes to outdoor clothing, it is also manufactured based on OEM for domestic customers different from that of the previous one.

Furthermore, regarding the microfiber design cleaner, we have our own brand, ttakka, which is produced based on OEM ㆍODM (original design manufacturing) both for export and domestic customers.

Particularly, our company can express and manufacture products more gorgeously and luxuriously based on differentiated designs, excellent printing technology, and neat finishing.

D.T.P.(Digital Textile Printing) can realize colors freely without restriction on degree compared with traditional Textile Printing which basically uses colors between 8 to 15 degrees.

D.T.P. can express all kinds of patterns, designs or colors, and has little restriction on size. Particularly, it is excellent on expressing delicate gradation.

It addition, D.T.P. can express details of colors such as photos and showy colors in full. Moreover, it does not decolorize image unless fabric is boiled or bleach is used on it.

D.T.P. is a new technology which keeps advantages of traditional textile printing, greatly reduces the unit cost of production without any limit on expression of designs, and can be mass produced with various kinds of items not by using high energy and making much waste water.

Moreover, D.T.P. can help reduce anxiety about faulty color by spraying colors accurately with quantity of ink an operator wants to apply as sense of touching and air permeability are kept. In addition, it guarantees quality even though time goes by, thanks to high penetration of ink.





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