Temp humidity and vibration test chamber

Temp humidity and vibration test chamber

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Grande Electronics Technology Limited

Country / Year Established
China China / 2012
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Temp humidity and vibration test chamber
Temp humidity and vibration compatible Chambers
Vibration Test Chamber
Industrial-quality chambers for combination testing with vibration systems
For years Temp.humidity and vibration compatible Chambers have been the workhorses of the environmental test chamber industry. Originally created to meet military test standards, their flexible design has made them suitable for a wide variety of applications. Fast temperature changes of 5 to 25°C/m. are possible, even with significant loads. The chambers have a removable floor, allowing integration with vibration test systems. Custom designs are common, allowing configuration to meet your exact requirements.
Special model can interface with both vertical and horizontal vibration systems
In addition, the touch-screen controller makes running an Grande environmental test chamber a breeze. The full-color, touch-screen interface is remarkably easy to use and understand. The Touch Screen Controller can be managed remotely via our new Ethernet/LAN-based Web Controller, serial port, or GP-IB/Lab View.
Nearly every Agree chamber we build is designed per the application. Here is a review of what is possible with a custom designed chamber from Grande. 
Capacity: 63 L to 6000L
Temperature Range: -70 to 180C
Humidity Range: 10-99%RH
Cooling rate: 2-3C/min (standard), 5C/min, 10C/min , 20C/min as option 
Vibration: maximum up to 5000kgf , 100g
Full-opening door with multi-panel heated window & interior light
Chamber floor designed to be changeable to accommodate different “floor plugs” for vibration systems. Standard floor plug provided is “solid” for non-vibration applications (other floors optional). Embedded perimeter heaters in floor plugs to avoid condensation and freeze-up, plus Teflon glides in floor slot make floor replacement very easy.
One 50mm cable port with flexible plug centered in the left hand wall (additional ports optional)
Refrigeration and Plenum
Rear-mounted plenum with cooling coil and nichrome wire heaters
Two ¾ h0p blower motors with one-piece stainless steel shafts
Non-CFC cascade refrigeration system using semi-hermetic Copeland Discus compressors
Hinged service access doors with lockable snap-action latches
Technical parameters:
Model No  GTHV-306 GTHV-408 GTHV-800 GTHV-1000
Inner chamber size(mm)W*H*D 850*600*600 850*600*800 1000*1000*800 1000*1000*1000
Exterior chamber size(mm)W*H*D 1750*800*1020 1750*800*1320 1900*1200*1320 1900*1200*1520
Max table-board size of Vibrostand(mm) Horizontal:400*400
Performance Temperature range -70℃~150℃(S), -40℃~150℃(L),-20℃~150℃(R),+180℃,+200℃
Humidity range 20%~98%R.H (10%~98%R.H;5%~98%R.H Optional).
Temp.&Humi fluctuation ±0.5℃, ±2%.
Temp.Humi.Uniformity ±1℃, ±2%.
Temp.humi Deviation ≤±2℃/ ±3%RH.
Heating up time About 3~4℃/min.(Customized requirements:Fast temperature change rate:5℃~25℃/min,linear average or nonlinear average).
Cooling down time About 0.7℃~1℃/min (Customized requirements:Fast temperature change rate:5℃~25℃/min,linear average or nonlinear average).
Material Inner chamber material SUS#304 stainless steel plate
Exterior chamber material Stainless steel plate+ powder coated
Insulation Material PU & Fiberglass wool
System Air circulation system Cooling fan
Fan Sirocco fan
Heating System SUS#304 stainless steel high-speed heater
Air flow Forced Air Circulation(It enters at bottom and leaves at top)
Humidification system Surface evaporation system
Refrigeration system Imported compressor,Tecumseh compressor(or Bizer Compressor),finned type evaporator,air(Water)-cooling condenser
Refrigerating fluid R23/ R404A USA Honeywell.
Condensation Air(Water)-cooling condenser
Dehumidifying system ADP critical dew point cooling/dehumidifying method
Controlling system Digital electronic indicators+S.S.R.With PID automatic calculation capability
Operation interface Grande Expertise in Temperature & Humidity Controller,Chinese-English Shift.
Controller Programmable capability Save 120 profiles with up to 1200 steps each
Setting range Temperature:-100℃+300℃
Reading accuracy Temperature:0.01℃
Input PT100 or T Sensor
Control PID control
Communication interface Equipped with standard communication interface devices USB,RS-232 and RS-485,enable the test chamber to be connected with personal computer(PC),to achieve multi-machine control and management at the same time.Standard: USB external memory port.Optional: RS-232, RS-485, GP-IB, Ethernet
Print function Japan Yokogawa Temperature Recorder(Optional accessories)
Auxiliary Limit Alarm,Self Diagnosis,Alarm Display(Failure Cause),Timing device(Automatic Switch)
Accessories Multi-layer vacuum glass observation window,Cable port(50mm),Controlling status indicator lamp,Chamber light,Specimen loading shelf(2pcs,position adjustable),Guaze 5pcs,Operation manual 1 set.
Safety protection device Over-heat protection circuit breaker,Compressor overload protection,Control system overload protection,Humidifying system overload protection,Overload indicator lamp.
Power supply AC 1Ψ 110V;AC 1Ψ 220V;3Ψ380V 60/50Hz
Customized service Welcome to Non-standard,Specail requirements,OEM/ODM orders.
The technical information will be subjected to change without notice
 Parameters of Vibration system:

Model No GTHV-11 GTHV-12 GTHV-13 GTHV-14 GTHV-15 GTHV-16
Model No of Vibration exciter GV100/25 GV200/25 GV300/25 GV300/40 GV500/25 GV600/25
Frequency range(Hz) 2-4000 2-4000 2-4000 2-2500 2-3000 2-2500
Max shock excitation(kg.f) 100 200 300 300 500 600
(MMp-p)Maximum displacement 25 25 25 40 25 25
Max accelerated speed(G) 40 80 80 33 83 100
Max speed(cm/s) 150 150 60 120 150 150
Loading(kg) 65 65 110 120 190 190
Mass of moving coil(kg) 2.5 2.5 4 9 6 6
Circumference of moving coil(mm) 140 140 150 225 202 202
Gross weightVibration exciter(kg) 220 250 240 760 690 700
Size(mm) 675*560*660 675*560*660 675*560*660 675*560*660 800*600*710 800*600*710
Model no of Power amplifier SA1K SA2K SA3K SA3K SA5K SA5K
G.W of Power amplifier(kg) 210 210 250 300 300 320
Condensation Forced Cooling
(mm)Size of power amplifier 720*545*1625 720*545*1625 720*545*1625 720*545*1625 720*545*1625 720*545*1625
Power supply[K.W.] AC 1Ψ 220V/50Hz; 3Ψ 380V 50Hz
Total power(KVA) 5 6 6 9 17 18


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Grande Electronics Technology Limited

Country / Year Established
China China / 2012
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Ben Zhao
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Environment Project,Gas Disposal
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Grande Electronics Technology Limited is professional R&D,manufacture,sales service,maintenance,after-sales service, manufacturer of environmental test chamber. We established our own factory in 2012 , which has become an important manufacturer of environmentally friendly test chambers.
To help our customers improving the testing requirements,Grande has established strategic cooperative partnership with first-class Universities, whose Cryogenics and Test Centers possess the world's leading and domestic first-class inspection techniques, cryogenics inspection equipment and instruments.
As an enterprise responsible for society, environment and safety, the company has initially built ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001-2001 Occupation; Health Safety Management System in their industries. Besides, it adheres to the operation principle of "The best quality environmental test chamber manufacturer in China.Quality is not just a word".


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