Three Zone Thermal Shock Test chamber

Three Zone Thermal Shock Test chamber

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Grande Electronics Technology Limited

Country / Year Established
China China / 2012
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Three Zone Thermal Shock Test chamber
Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Liquid Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Programmable Three Zones Thermal Shock Test Chamber is applied to aviation, military, ships, electrical, electronics, instruments and meters; medical equipment; civilian nuclear energy; colleges and universities; research laboratories; commodity inspection, arbitration, and technical supervision departments; building materials ceramic; petroleum and chemical products, For high and low temperature impact test.
Three Zone models have higher performance, three-zone capability, and larger heating/cooling performance that fully benefits from Eco-mode innovations.Equipped with original Japan made true-color touch screen controller with software of both English and Chinese version.It consists of 3 Zones:1,High temperature Zone;2,Low temperature Zone;3,Testing Zone.Adopts unique thermal-break-structure class heating & cooling storage method,then leads hot or cold air to testing zone for thermal shock tests.It can be adjusted shock temperature by switching the hot and cold air flow.
High memory capacity,can set 120 programs and each program can be repeated for max 9999 times.Each step can be proceeded for max 999 hours and 59 minutes.It's able to communicated with computer via RS485 port,so as to control,edit and record 2 groups of dynamic nodes,easy to operate.Proceeding with thermal shock conditions,users can select either 2 Zone or 3 Zone test mode.All operations are controlled by PLC.Equipped with automatic circuit and alarm signal in case of emergency,machine will be shut down in urgent situation.
New Eco-Mode is standard for all models. Eco-mode manages the pre-conditioning and modulates refrigeration systems to reduce energy usage. Savings of up to 50% over previous models is possible, or as much as $2,000 a year.
Two Zone models are lower cost models with only two-zone capability, lower performance, and partial savings of Eco-modGrande’s Exclusive Touch-Screen Programmer:
NEW: USB and Ethernet interfaces
User-friendly touch-screen operation with large 9" color display
Store 40 two-zone or three-zone test programs
Programs may be written on a PC and uploaded via USB
The trend-graph display shows a record of setpoints and actual values
Operation data can be downloaded as needed, or continually, to USB
Two time signal relays for automated on/off control of test devices/samples
System alarms are stored in memory for historical review
Built-in timer functions allow the chamber to be started or shut down automatically
Pattern Manager Lite PC software for program editing and datalog viewing/exporting, to support USB functionality
Ethernet interface for remote monitoring and operation control, as well as data downloading.
Technical Parameters:
Model No GTTS-050 GTTS-080 GTTS-108 GTTS-216 GTTS-252
Volume(L) 50 80 108 216 252
Test zone size W*H*D(mm) 360*400*350 400*500*400 400*600*450 600*600*600 600*700*600
Exterior chamber size W*H*D(mm) 1520*1820*1420 1650*1920*1420 1720*1920*1560 1700*2250*1820 1700*2350*1820
Preheat temperature range +80℃~+200℃
Precool temperature range -10℃~-40℃;     -10℃~60℃;     -10℃~-70℃
Test temperature range +60℃~+150℃;-10℃~-40℃;-10℃~-55℃; -10℃~-65℃
Performance Temperature fluctuation ±2℃
Temperature recover time 3~5min
Heating time 150(℃) 150(℃) 150(℃) 150(℃) 150(℃)
30(min) 40(min) 40(min) 40(min) 40(min)
Cooling time -40 -50 -65 -40 -50 -65 -40 -50 -65 -40 -50 -65 -40 -50 -65
60 70 80 70 80 90 80 90 100 90 100 10 100 110 120
Material Exterior chamber material Stainless steel plate+ Power Coated
Inner    chamber material SUS#304 stainless steel plate 
Insulation PU Fiberglass wool
System Circulation system Cooling  fan
Heating system SUS#304 stainless steel high-speed heater
Cooling system Imported compressor,Tecumseh compressor(or Bizer Compressor),finned type evaporator,air(Water)-cooling condenser
Controller TEMI990,8226,8227,8229
Accessories Multi-layer vacuum glass observation window,Cable port(50mm),Controlling status indicator lamp,Chamber light,Specimen loading shelf(2pcs,position adjustable),Guaze 5pcs,Operation manual 1 set.
Safety protection device Fuse,Over-heat protection circuit breaker,Compressor overload protection,Control system overload protection,Overload indicator lamp.
Power supply AC 1Ψ220V;3Ψ380V 60/50Hz
Power(KW) 20      21    25    28   30
Customized service Welcome to Non-standard,Specail requirements,OEM/ODM orders.
The technical information will be subjected to change without notice
Optional accessories
1,Temperature recorder
2, LN2 fast cooling-down system.
3,RS-232 interface can be linked to Personal computer(PC) and achieve multi-level control & recording software management.
5℃/min,10℃/min,15℃/min,20℃/min,25℃/min,RAMP Function.


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Grande Electronics Technology Limited

Country / Year Established
China China / 2012
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Ben Zhao
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Environment Project,Gas Disposal
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Grande Electronics Technology Limited is professional R&D,manufacture,sales service,maintenance,after-sales service, manufacturer of environmental test chamber. We established our own factory in 2012 , which has become an important manufacturer of environmentally friendly test chambers.
To help our customers improving the testing requirements,Grande has established strategic cooperative partnership with first-class Universities, whose Cryogenics and Test Centers possess the world's leading and domestic first-class inspection techniques, cryogenics inspection equipment and instruments.
As an enterprise responsible for society, environment and safety, the company has initially built ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001-2001 Occupation; Health Safety Management System in their industries. Besides, it adheres to the operation principle of "The best quality environmental test chamber manufacturer in China.Quality is not just a word".


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