12v Electric DC Water Pump for Car

12v Electric DC Water Pump for Car

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car pump, dc water pump, fountain pump, electrical bus water pump
Auto Drive & Brake Systems , Special Transportation , Motorcycles & Parts , Other Auto Drive System Parts , Motorcycle Drive Systems
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China China / 2013
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Product name 12v Electric DC Water Pump for Car Certification -
Category Auto Drive & Brake Systems
Special Transportation
Motorcycles & Parts
Other Auto Drive System Parts
Motorcycle Drive Systems
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Keyword car pump , dc water pump , fountain pump , electrical bus water pump Unit Size 100.0 * 118.0 * 141.0 mm
Brand name BLDC PUMP Unit Weigh 900 g
origin China Stock -
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Product Information


Pump Main Features

  • 1. Sine Wave Silent Technology, Noise less than 40dB;
  • 2. Default with water shortage and stuck protection functions;
  • 3. Brushless DC motor, Magnetic Driven, Small size & High Efficiency;
  • 4. Long time continuous working, lifespan more than 20000 hours;
  • 5. Safety - no spark, Explosion-proof, IP68, 100% waterproof;
  • 6. Can be used to pump water, oil, acid and alkali solution.

Pump Applications

  • 1. Electric Vehicle OBC On-board Charger (vehicle-mounted charging machine) Cooling system.
  • 2. Electric Vehicle DC/DC converter Cooling system.
  • 3. Electric Vehicle Battery or Engine Cooling system.
  • 4. Car's warm wind air conditioning cycle.
  • 5. Other applications.
  • Here only list very few part of the pump's applications, if you are not sure if it is suitable for your project, please feel free to consult with us. In addition, we have many other models pumps, if you have different requirements, such as inlet and outlet, new design, and etc., please tell us. We have many other solutions and could provide you Custom Services.


Model: BL-A02-1210
Size: 141.3x100x118mm
Weight: about 900g
Inlet: 20 mmOutlet: 20 mm
Material: Engineering PlasticsHeat Resistance: -40~125°C
Rated Voltage: DC 12VRated Current: 6.7A
Max Static Head: 12 metersMax Flow Rate: 3000L/H
Plug: 5.5×2.1mm DC PlugCable Length: 1 meters
Water Proof: 100%Self-priming: No
Driven: Brushless MagneticNoise: less than 40dB
Life Span: more than 20000 hrsSpeed Adjustable: Optional

How to choose pumps:

  • 1. Confirm your operating voltage, current, head, flow, and the size of inlet & outlet. In general, there is no flow when the head achieve the maximum head marked by factory. So if you require the pump is able to meet a certain height and also meet a certain flow, you should choose a higher maximum head than you need. Please consult us or refer to the performance curves.
  • 2. Confirm the shape requirements, such as the type of interface, the direction of inlet & outlet, etc.
  • 3. Confirm the working environment, such as the temperature, the medium, etc.
  • 4. Confirm the functional requirements, such as the time control, the flow control, the speed control, etc.
  • 5. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions need our help during choose the pump.

Pump Performance Curve


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Country / Year Established
China China / 2013
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Jarred Zhang
fu'an industrail area,fuyong,Bao'an,Shenzhen,China
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Company introduction

We, the BLDC PUMP Co., Ltd., are a water pump manufacturing company who specializes in small water pumps. We ship special purpose water pumps to manufacturers, retailer, and companies worldwide. We are based in the technological heaven of Shenzhen, China.

At BLDC PUMP Co., Ltd., we provide you the best water pumps of all sizes suited for all your needs. Our high-quality electric water pumps are specially designed to work for long hours in submerged or circulating environments. Equipped with brushless DC motors, the pumps are waterproof, with no current leakage. The magnetically driven motors produce high torque without any sparks with very low electromagnetic interference and quiet operations. They are very efficient, reliable and can work uninterrupted for hours with a long working lifespan.

The specialized water pumps can be used in a number of industrial machines, office equipment, automobiles and household appliances without worrying about any safety and quality issues. In industries and offices, they can be used in circulating cooling systems, cars/automobiles coolant pumping, filling stations, pools, and other industrial machines etc. In homes, the BLDC water pumps can be used in applications, such as aquariums, small fountains, landscaping features, solar water systems, small irrigation systems, water treatment equipment, etc.

We make sure that our products provide best quality and standard to its customers. We are open to working as OEM/ODM for our customers worldwide with our global drop shipping delivery with competitive direct selling prices. Looking forward to a healthy business relationship with you!


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Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

Indonesia Indonesia

Malaysia Malaysia

Philippines Philippines

Singapore Singapore

South Korea South Korea

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