record earphone earbuds headphone with volume control

record earphone earbuds headphone with volume control

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earphone, headphone, record earphone, earbuds headphone
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Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China / 1999
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Product name record earphone earbuds headphone with volume control Certification -
Category Earphones & Headphones
Other Consumer Electronics
Other Mobile Phones & Accessories
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Keyword earphone , headphone , record earphone , earbuds headphone Unit Size 12.0 * 60.0 * 19.0 mm
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Product Information


1. Features

Ø Small size, easy to carry.

Ø Compatible with apple phone line control feature.

Ø Use earphone to record the call, need no software, voice recorder or jailbreak.

Ø Able to listen to songs, call, record.

Ø Can be used as a voice recorder.

Ø Easy to use, just press button to record.

Ø Voice prompt when start to record or recording ends.

Ø Can play the recording, save the recording into the phone.

Ø Copy the recording files out from the earphone connected to computer via USB cable.

Ø Good sound quality, stereo clear bass playback.

Ø Built in 512MB memory, recording duration up to 16 hours.

Ø Built in 200MA lithium battery, continuous recording up to 5 hours.

Ø 1 year extra-long standby time.


2. Parameters

Ø Working voltage: 5V

Ø Recording current: ≤40mA

Ø Playing current: ≤50mA

Ø Sleep current: ≤10uA(theoretically standby time up to 1 year, but considering battery self discharge, so standby time is usually 3~6 months)

Ø Charging current: ≤200mA

Ø Speaker: 9 mm Dynamic type

Ø Impedance: 32 ohms     

Ø Sensitivity: 100dB±4dB    

Ø Max power: 10 mW  

Ø Frequency range: 20~20000Hz   

Ø Cable length: 1.2M ±5%    

Ø Cable: TPE, flat cable, 3.5*1.1mm

Ø USB port: 3.5mm

Ø Earphone shell: ABS plastic/ aluminum alloy

Ø MIC sensitivity: -42dB omni response

Ø Environment: indoor use, relative humidity less than 95%

Ø Size: 60*19*12mm


3. Earphone appearance introduction




3.1 Key description

Record key:

1. Short press to play the recording recorded last time. If switch the previous or next. It will automatically memory the recording played last time. During its playback short press to stop playing.

2. Hold this key 2s, release it after red light flashes. After the "di" sound, it starts recording. Press again, "di di" sounds twice, then recording ends. (as long as you open the recording, it will stop recording only when it records 3s. Please dont stop recording immediately when you open the recording)

3. Hold this key more than 8 seconds. After red light rapidly flashes 3 times, the current recording you listen will be deleted.

4. Press this key and Next key simultaneously. Hold them 8 seconds. When the red light rapidly flashes 3 times, all recordings will be deleted. (According to the file size, the light may flash only once. In sleep status, if you perform this operation, the red light will be bright once to boot. Please continue to hold this key, don't release until the red light flashes)

Answer key:

Its function is the same with the answer key of earphone with remote and mic.


1. When not playing, this key is line control function and for volume up.

2. When playing the recording, press it to play the previous one.(when finish playing, it will automatically switch to line control function.)

3. Hold this key to increase the volume, 8 levels of volume for adjustment.


1. When not playing, this key is line control function and for volume down;

2. When playing the recording, short press it to play the next one. (when finish playing, it will automatically switch to line control function.)

3. Hold this key to reduce the volume, 8 levels of volume for adjustment.

4. Press this key and record key simultaneously, holding them 8 seconds. When red light rapidly flashes 3 times, all recordings will be deleted.

3.2 Working indicator light

Light red:

During the recording, red light flashes;

When playing, red light on all the time;

When delete the recording, the red light flashes 3 times;

Without any operation, the red light flashing quickly, means memory full and files automatically deleted;

When the battery is insufficient, each time finish playing, the red light will flash 5 times.

Light blue:

Light on all the time when charging.

Light off when full charged.

3.3 USB interface for charging and copying

For charging: micro USB interface for charging, provide free USB cable for customer.

For copying: USB drive function, it will automatically recognize the removable drive when connected to computer. At this time, you can delete or copy the files of this removable drive.

3.4 Loop recording

The file name is arranged in order. It has loop recording function. When the memory is less than 50M, it will automatically delete the oldest files. If the recording is very important, after the recording ends, please copy it out to save or save into the mobile phone. How to save in the phone? Open mobile phone recorder. You can also download the mobile phone recording software (VoiceRecoder), playing the recording, to record back to the mobile phone.


3.5 Sleep mode

When there is no any operation, 3s later, it will automatically enter the sleep mode. When press the record key, it will start to work immediately. In the sleep status, when you turn on the recording, it will have 3 seconds delay, thats normal.


3.6 Notes

1. When using earphone, please pay attention to control the appropriate volume, so as not to damage the hearing.

2. Do not force pull the earphone cable, or it may be damaged.

3. In the environment of high temperature and high humidity, use earphone for a long time, easy to cause damage to the earphone or reduce its life.

4. When driving a car, riding a bicycle or walking on the road, do not wear earphone, otherwise easily lead to traffic accidents.

5. Please keep the earphone out the reach of children, in case of danger.

6. Please timely charge, so as not to affect the normal use.

7. Charging time should be not too long. When full charged, please unplug the charger timely.

8. Avoid the battery run out. At least charge once every 3 months, otherwise may cause permanent damage to the battery.


3.7 Operation instruction

1. When finish recording, system will automatically query the current remaining capacity.  Press key immediately may not play, no reaction. Please operate 1s later when the recording ends.

2. It will automatically enter the sleep mode when there is no any operation. When it wakes up from the sleep status, will delay 3~4 seconds to perform the action. So when start to record or play, please be patient and don't repeat pressing the key.

3. This product only supports the line control function of iphone 4 and above version. Since the keys is multi-purpose, when inserted into the phone, please don't let this product in the state of play, otherwise it will cause line control function invalid. At this time, please remove the earphone, and insert again, then this function can be normal.

4. After finishing recording the call, please unplug the earphone when you listen to the recording. Don't connect to the phone. Apple mobile phone audio output signal will overlap the recording playback signal of the earphone, which will cause the sound quality worse and volume decreasing.

5. Unless necessary, please do not delete the recording in the memory card. The recordings are saved by file name order, playing according to the internal address order. When you play the recording and have the delete operation, not only the file name will be deleted, but also the address will be empty. Next time the file name of recording will be automatically fill in the address of the deleted files. When play this recording file, press the Previous or Next key, what it will switch is the audio files where the files are deleted.


 4. Package Box



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Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China / 1999
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Guojun Li
3/F., Building C6 , C district, Fuhai Industrial Parks, Fuhai Avenue, Fuyong Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen 518103, Guangdong, China
Product Category
Chargers,Digital Voice Recorders,Earphones & Headphones,MP3 & MP4 Players
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Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co. Ltd. estabish in 1999(former Guangzhou Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd.). Which focus on sound module, voice activated speaker, security item(like vehicle speed limiter, forklift safety managenment systerm, anti-collision system, alarm speaker etc.), smart socket, WIFI Module, Bluetooth module etc. It has R&D teams, sells department, production department, finance department, aftersells department etc.
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