Real Sand with AR Sand Craft

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Sand Craft
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augmented reality, ar game, clean sand game for kid, augmented reality game
Education Supplies , Playground
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solomon filter

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South Korea South Korea / 2019
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Verified Certificate


Product name Real Sand with AR Sand Craft Certification -
Category Education Supplies
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Product Information

Sand Craft is developed by CELLBIG, Korea and we are sale representative instead of CELLBIG.  


Augmented Reality Game 'Sand Craft'


User is making a change directly to use hand and geographical features are showed by real sand of sand box. Kinect proceed to realizes geographical features change on game. It is tangible style sensibility game of stereognostic perception.


Virtual Ecosystem Simulation Game

User plays sand level to change imaginary natural ecosystem artificially like God.

According to migration limit of inside life, route change, food, propagation, extinction activity, individual change enjoy experienced by this game.


Dig out fossil

Various fossil of dinosaurs dig out and set bone like puzzle eventually, it becomes relevant dinosaur.


As level of difficult has a high, number of spread bones will be increased.


Nature Learning Play (Volcanic activity)

Make volcano creation point on the top of mountain, to observe flowing magma out on ground from cracked gap.


To show solid ground shape for Volcano erupt type, deposition activity, lava type.


We are representative overseas sales instead of CELLLBIG for publication right.






B2B Trade

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solomon filter

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2019
Business type


H. J. Kang
31, 3Gil Unjeong, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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Health Care Supplement
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Solomon Filter is a sales rep on behalf of automotive spare parts manufacturers. Since 1990, we have developed a portable subway strap based on our technical skills and experience in manufacturing automotive spare parts. Avoid COVID19 from handheld our Portable Strap made with long-standing know-how. 

Welcome to Solomonfilter


The U.S. Journal of Hospital Infection recently announced that the Corona virus can survive on inanimate surfaces such as metals and plastics for up to nine days. Avoid viruses by using my portable strap when using public transportation, as well as when touching objects as well as touching people.


If you would have any further questions or inquiry, please feel free to contact us. 


Yours faithfully,

Ms. H. J. Kang / CEO


Solomon Filter

33, Unjeong 3gil , Paju si,Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


E mail :

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Tel : 82 70 8732 8514

M.P. : 82 10 9367 8514

Fax : 82 31 813 1609


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