Face Mask(Facial Mask, Mask Pack, Skin Care)

Face Mask(Facial Mask, Mask Pack, Skin Care)

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face mask, facial mask, mask pack, skin care
Face Mask , Other Facial Care
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InfraCore Solution Co., LTD

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
Business type
Trading Company
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Product name Face Mask(Facial Mask, Mask Pack, Skin Care) Certification -
Category Face Mask
Other Facial Care
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Keyword face mask , facial mask , mask pack , skin care Unit Size -
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Product Information

Dear Sir/Madam, 

We are ICS(; Infra Core Solution) trading company in Korea. Our company was founded in 2005 and have been doing business for about 10 years as exporters of Wi-Fi equipment, Ethoxyquin(Antioxidant for feed and rubber), Cosmetics(Brand of Coreana, Cleomee, CharmZone), etc and as importers of Chemical, Chicken Products and etc. We have, up to the present, been exporting and importing various kinds of products and have been enjoying a good reputation because of the excellent quality, quick delivery and competitive prices of our goods in East Asia, Europe, Middle East. 

And we can provide Charmzone Face Mask Pcak for skin care, whitening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, nutrition in good quality and competitive price. If you want to get the sample or catalogue, we can provide it and you can check our quality. 

Our Charmzone product list as below. 

1. Feverlet Intensive Gold Hydro Gel Mask 
2. Feverlet Black Cacao Hydro Gel Mask 
3. Ginkgo V-Zone Double Mask 
4. Feverlet Hand Care Essence Pack 
5. Feverlet Foot Care Essence Pack 

Rainbow Mask pack Series 
6. Protector Herb Mask 
7. Nutrient Shine Mask 
8. Hyaluronic Mask 
9. Rich Glow Mask 
10. Whitening Skin Mask 
11. Vita Smoother Mask 
12. Galactomyces Mask 

Control Mask Pack Series 
13. Feverlet Secret Source Ginkgo Mask 
14. Feverlet Nutrient Control Placenta Mask 
15. Feverlet Hydro Control Royal Mask 
16. Feverlet Whitening Diffusion Control Mask 
17. Feverlet Anti-Wrinkle Control Sea Grape Mask 

Essence Mask Pack Series 
18. Feverlet Snail Essence Mask 
19. Feverlet E.G.F Essence Mask 
20. Feverlet Vita White Essence Mask 
21. Feverlet Collagen Essence Mask 
22. Feverlet N.M.F Essence Mask 

We look forward to your favorable reply soon. 

Best Regards, 


B2B Trade

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InfraCore Solution Co., LTD

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
Business type
Trading Company



Jung Yonggil
9th Floor, JungA Bldg, 14, Samseong-ro 96-gil, Gangnam-gu,Seoul
Product Category
Facial Care,Feminine Hygiene,Makeup,Other Personal Care
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

We are trading company from Korea.


And we are handling many products for many years in the world market.


For example, chemicals, cosmetics, chicken products, wi-fi equipment, usb for car and etc.


We can make a good business with you.


Because we are the seller and buyer at the same time.


Our selling list is as below.


(1) Cosmetics Brand

- Coreana 

- Cleomee

- Charmzone

- Rootree


- Mediheal

- Guerisson

- Cloud


(2) Ethoxyquin(Antioxidant for feed)

- Sunquin 33

- Sunquin 66

- Sunquin 91

- Sunquin 92

- Sunquin 95

- Sunquin L 


(3) Wi-fi router equipment


(4) Usb connection for car


(5) Bluetooth Speaker


(6) Supplementary Battery

Main Markets

Brazil Brazil

China China

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

India India

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

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