Zirconia ceramic ring

Zirconia ceramic ring

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ceramic ring, ceramic roller, zirconia roller, zirconia ceramic ring
Ceramics , Other Power Transmission Parts
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Actech Precision Ceramics Limited

Country / Year Established
China China / 2009
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Product name Zirconia ceramic ring Certification -
Category Ceramics
Other Power Transmission Parts
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Product Information

 Actech Precision Ceramic (HK) Ltd is a company dedicated to the professional fine ceramic manufacture. We specialize in the design and manufacture of aluminum oxide,zirconium oxide and silicon nitride ceramic components. The main products include Ceramic Plungers,Ceramic Ball Valves,Ceramic rods,Ceramic Nozzles,Ceramic Plates and other Industrial Ceramic Products.

  As a wear resistant material, ceramic is widely used in many fields, for example, mechanical, electron, petroleum, chemicals, space and textile. Our company import high quality ZrO2 and Al2O3 material from Japan, to make high precision ceramic components through hot pressing,dry pressing or injection molding and high sintering. It is characterized by high hardness,insulation,wear resistant,high temperature resistant and thermal shock resistant. And all kinds of customized ceramic substrate are available in customized requirement.

  We have a full service include ceramic forming,mold design and development,precision machining and precision detection technology, and our technician have many years of experience in ceramic processing. We can provide a full set of ceramic solutions for customers, and can make different kinds of ceramic products according to customer's special request.

Product NameCeramic Shaft and rods
MaterialAlumina, Zirconia, Silicon Nitride  and Machinable Glass ceramic
ColorWhite, Black and Yellow
OD   0.5mm - 50mm, And According to drawings
Length5mm - 300mm, And According to drawings
Surface RoughnessRa0.05
Torlerance+/- 0.001mm
Lead time: 15 - 30days
Max. working temperature1500 -1700 °C
Shipping: Air Express (DHL/UPS/TNT/ FedEx) or Ocean Shipping 

 Main Products:
Ceramic shafts:Ceramic rods, Ceramic shafts, Ceramic pin, Ceramic axles, 
Ceramic Sleeve:Ceramic sleeve, Ceramic bush, Ceramic ring, Ceramic spacer, Ceramic washer
Ceramic Tube:Ceramic tube, Ceramic pipe
Ceramic plunger:Ceramic plunger, Ceramic piston
Ceramic valves:Ceramic ball valve, Ceramic disc valve, Ceramic valve plate
Ceramic substrate:Alumina substrate, ceramic plate, ceramic sheet, ceramic board
Silicon Nitride products:Silicon Nitride shaft, Silicon Nitride parts, Silicon Nitride component:
Ceramic structural parts:Ceramic Mechanical Parts, Ceramic Structure parts, Industrial Ceramic Parts

Material datasheet:
Material Characteristics   
Gas Permeability    00000
Water Absorption      %0%0%0%0%0.038%
Colour WhiteIvoryWhiteGreyWhite
Density  g/cm33.73.8563.22.7
Physical Characteristics   
Hardness   Kg/mm211001400110016001175
Modulus of Elasticity   Gpa30035020030065
Flexural Strength  Mpa3003401150600108
Compressive Strength  Mpa2100220025002500488
Fracture Toughness  Mpam1/23.54126 
Thermodynamic Property   
Max Use Temperature   °C1500165015001800800
Thermal Conductiviey  W/(m.k)2527.52.5201.68
Thermal Expansion Coefficient  10-6/°C7.58103.28.6
Thermal Shock Resistance   △T°C200200250600200
Specific Heat  J/kg.K860860500500 
Electrical Specification    
Dielectric Strength   KV/mm12105 40
Dielectric Constant  εr9.59.11267
Volume Resistivity  Ω≥1014≥1014≥1010≥1014≥1016
Dielectric Loss Angle 0.00020.00020.001  

Production and service:
· Ceramic Parts Machining:· Ceramic Molding:
   - CNC Machining  - Ceramic Injection Moulding
   - Thread Machining  - Cold Isostatic Pressing
   - Micro drilling  - Dry Pressing
   - Centerless Grinding  - High Pressure Die Casting
   - Plane grinding· Ceramic Material:
   - Inside Hole Honing    - Zircoina (Y-TZP, Mg-PSZ, ZTA)
· Ceramic Parts Lappping and Polishing  - Alumina (96%,99%, 99.5% Al2o3)
· Ceramic substrate Laser Cutting  - Silicon Nitride Ceramic (Si3N4)
· Rapid Preparation of Samples  - Machinable Glass Ceramic (Macor Ceramic)
· Processing with supplied material· OEM/ODM Services

Contact US:
Mr. Benny Yin
Tel: +86- 13632908284
Address: 17 Building, Xili Street Xili Industrial Zone, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China  

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Actech Precision Ceramics Limited

Country / Year Established
China China / 2009
Business type


Meifeng Fu
5F, 5 Bld, Bolun Industrial park,ZhuGuan Rd, Xili, Nanshan,Shenzhen, China.
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Actech Precision Ceramic (HK) Ltd is a full service manufacturer of advanced ceramics components to customer specification. Our products include high purity alumina, zirconia, Silicon Nitride and machinable ceramics. Actech focus is on providing cost effective solutions to demanding wear、corrosion、thermal and electrical problems in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing、communications、aerospace、medical and automotive applications.

We have over 10 years of experience in the production of precision machined ceramics, and have all-line high precision equipments imported from Japan and Switzerland,. We specialize in precision toleranced advanced ceramic components in both prototype and production quantities. Our Advanced Ceramic Machining Site has surface grinder, ID grinder, OD grinder, machining center, and the other all kinds of lapping and polishing machines. We provide the precision torlanrences on customer's request.


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