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To Nature Bird Free

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bird repellent, bird control, bird deteller, bird pest control
Pest Control
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South Korea South Korea / 2004
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Product Information

1. Stimulates & irritates four senses.

      Eye-sight by faking fire hired ultraviolet rays technology, olfactory by odor, vomiting taste  & tacky contact of bird or boars, not only one or two senses

2. Maximizing long efficacy.

     “Bird Free” has long lasting efficacy with no damage to buildings and facilities. Oriental Herbal contained in the gel forms a film that prevents water from penetrating or evaporating from the ingredients.

     “Bird Free” can last 24 months if left undisturbed after proper installation at a building or structures.

      It can last three months in orchards.

3. Safety

      Use natural oriental herbs

      the ingredients are listed in GRAS(Generally Recognized As Safe) of USA FDA.

4. Easy installation and removal

      The gel would not be very hard like the other gels and it would be quite easy to remove.

      Usually when the building needs to be repainted or maintained, our gel would be removed easily without high cost.

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2004
Business type



Tae Hun Lee
Dalseo-gu, Hosan-dong, 711, Techno park venture factory of Daegu, 1Ho,302, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
Product Category
Pest Control
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Company introduction
JJBIO Co.,ltd specialized in developing and manufacturing as well Bio-Technology derived products, mainly unwanted animal repellent and deterrent. With proven excellence, our products have been successfully introduced in more than 40 countries around the world. 
As part of increasing outreach into households goods, We have recently launched upgraded 'Fabric Perfume' based on the bio-technology. With the anti-insect function, We added a mild scents with various functions; Anti-static, Antibacterial, Air freshener, Deodorant etc. 
Awarded as the best innovative products, our dress perfume have got an excellent reputation from TV home shopping in Korea, Japan from years ago.
'Bouquet Garni', 'Paris16e's striking features are as belows.
1)Well made Perfume
 *Directly import perfume material from France.
  Using same material with Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Versace and so on.
2)No Bad Smell
 *Will protect you from everyday life smells like Cigarette, Sweat, Foot...
  You can feel cleaned and refreshed whatever you do, wherever you are with 'Bouquet   Garni', 'Paris16e'.
3)No Chemical, No Skin Stress
 *Using natural material 99% such as Lavender, Rosemary....
  will no harm your skin by using our  'Bouquet   Garni', 'Paris16e'.
4)You can develope your own Private Brand and customize what you want.
 *Our unique material backbone technology and shaping technology will help to fulfill 
  your satisfaction.
Hope to help your business with our product which is very useful for everyday living life, not just expensive perfume but making one's life refresh.
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