Carbonlight Therapy (Visible Light Therapy)

Carbonlight Therapy (Visible Light Therapy)

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physical therapy, visible light treatment, light therapy, phototherapy
Medical Devices , Beauty Equipment
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kumgang advance co ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
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Product name Carbonlight Therapy (Visible Light Therapy) Certification -
Category Medical Devices
Beauty Equipment
Ingredients -
Keyword physical therapy , visible light treatment , light therapy , phototherapy Unit Size 40.0 * 40.0 * 90.0 cm
Brand name KUMGANG ADVANCE Unit Weigh 20 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 901820

Product Information



Carbonlight Therapy (Visible Light Therapy)

│ Principle of Action of Carbon Light Therapy Apparatus │

This product is consisted of main body, support and controller, and it is a low power light irradiator with energy density of less than 2W/cm2 which helps treat affected part by the irradiation of low power light that is generated when 2 carbon rods are combusted at high temperature through arc discharge.

│ Product Composition & Feature │

  • This product is consisted of main body, controller, support, etc.
  • Main Body : Light Power Part
  • ontroller : Power ON/OFF, Time Setting & Thermal Power Function
  • Support : It is connection column of thermal part and controller and it adjusts height of thermal part.
  • Power Cord : AC 220V, 60 Hz Power Input

│ Product Feature │

>> Principle of Operation

  • When the input power 220V/60Hz is supplied, all powers will be on standby. When you press ON/OFF switch of main body, high voltage is generated by transformer and voltage control relay, and light power and heat is generated by the heating of carbon rod. You can control hours of use, power strength, etc.
  • Light power is generated by ignited carbon rod and power strength is controlled, and temperature is controlled by the attachment of temperature sensor and bimetal.
  • Setting time can be adjusted up to max. 60 minutes using timer, it will be turned off when set time passes.

>> Rated Voltage: AC 220V/60 Hz, 1,300VA

>> Protection Type and Degree of Electricity: 1st Class, B Type Mounting Part

>> Safety Device

  • Power is shut off at overcurrent by installing the fuse of 250V, 10A at both ends of power input of the equipment.
  • Equipment is automatically shut off after set time.


│ Product Function │

>> Outline

  1. Explanation on exterior of product

    - Body




    Body Head
    Protective function of output generator overheating
    Power Input
    Power Input Cable for Carbon Rod
    Functions such as Power ON/OFF, Heat Setting, Timer Setting etc.
    Mobility Function
    Support Fixture
    Function of Fixation and Connection between control parts and heating parts
    Power Cord
    AC 220V 60Hz

    - Head


    Front Cover
    Light output area, Protective function
    Locking Apparatus
    Fixation and support function of front cover
    Observation Hole
    Observation function of internal combustion of carbon rod
    Ventilating Hole
    Ventilating means of internal heat
    Head Control Handles
    Adjustable head by handles to the head up and down left and right
    Carbon Rod
    Ignition control function of carbon interval
    Ignition Switch
    Mobility Device
    Control Function of the head height by using a rod
    Safety Net
    Structure for preventing hands from burn injuries.
    Carbon Rod
    Function of fixing carbon rods
    Fixation Bolt
    Carbon Rod
    Function of combusting and generating light.
    Bolt adjusting Length of Carbon Rod
    Adjusting length of carbon rods / Fixation Function

    - Control Part


    POWER Switch
    Power ON/OFF Function
    Time Setting Function:
    Adjustable from 0 to 60 minutes
    Selector Switch
    HI/ LOW Setting Function
    Output Connector
    Output transfer function to carbon by changing inner trans power
    Power Cable/Fuse
    Input Power Cable / Built in Fuse (250V 10A)



  2. Size

    >> Body Size(Unit: mm)


    >> Body Weight of Power Cable
    - Dimensions (Unit: mm): Refer to the picture below
    - Weight: 200g


│ Specification │

- Function

  • Rated Voltage and Frequency : AC 220V, 60Hz
  • Power Consumption : 1,300VA
  • Protection Type and Degree of Electricity : 1st Class, B Type Mounting Part
  • Hours of Use : 60 minutes max. by continuous adjustment
  • Power Strength (High : 0.03 W/cm2, Low : 0.027 W/cm2 )
  • Power Wavelength : 200 ~ 2100 nm
  • Output Type : Continuous Output
  • Output Temperature (High: 32 ˚C, Low: 30 ˚C)
  • Irradiation Area : Ø 105 mm

- Purpose of Use

  • Apparatus to be used in the treatment using light power with energy density less than 20J/cm2  or 2W/cm2 


│ Specification │

>> How to Use

- Preparations before Use


  1. Check if the voltage is 220V 
  2. Check visually if there are foreign substances or metal parts in main body and controller 
  3. Check if controller is turned on
  4. Read the instruction manual carefully before use.
    When the user doesn’t understand the content, use it after contacting customer service center for complete understanding.

- Method of Operation and Use


  1. Each function can be used by controller switch.Connect the power code.Turn the ON/OFF switch of main body to ON.Make thermal setting and hours of use using controller.After time passes, set temperature adjusting High, Low by adjustment switch to maintain proper temperature.Proper hours of use is 30 minutes per time, twice a day.When you finish using it, turn off the power and unplug it.
  2. Clean the equipment using dry cloth after use and store it.

- Storage and Maintenance

  1. When you finish using it, make sure to unplug it.Do not place the equipment at humid place or near to flammables.Keep out of reach of children and store it at dry place.Be careful not to lose components like controller, etc. of the equipment.
  2. Do not touch power area with wet hands.

│ Cautions in Use │

- Cautions in Use

  • Use it according to the prescription and guide of medical doctor.
  • Hour of use is 30 minutes once a day, and 30 minutes is proper for high temperature use.
  • This product cannot be used beyond the purpose of use, and mark or advertisement that may cause false, exaggeration, misuse, etc. cannot be made.
  • When bodily disorder is found during the use, stop using immediately and consult your doctor.
  • Use it under doctor’s prescription, user manual and the guide of related person.
  • Do not use it at humid place or where there is water.

    Following persons should use it under doctor’s prescription and guide.
  • - Person who have an acute disease.
    - Person who have malignant tumor.
    - Person who use electronic medical equipment like electro-cardiograph.
    - Pregnant Woman or Child Hypertensive Patient
    - Hypertensive Patient

- Use Environment & Use Condition

  • Do not use it at high humid place.
  • Use it at the place where it is not affected by pressure, wind, sunlight, air containing salt.
  • Do not use it at chemical warehouse or gas generating area.

- Notice about Failure and Prohibition of Alteration

  • When the product is out of order, do not repair or disassemble it by yourself and contact A/S department of the manufacturer.
  • Medical equipment should not be altered or modified.
  • Read the notices and operating method of this product before use.
  • Do not use for children or easily damaged area.
  • Repair should be done only by authorized persons.
  • Be careful to use in the place where it is affected by external shock or other medical equipment causing malfunction.
  • Prohibitions : Do not disassemble or alter the product, and when the product has problem, stop using it.
  • Product has danger of burning due to its high temperature, and it should be used under the guidance of guardian or parents for children or diabetic patient.
  • Do not touch the product during the use since there is a risk of burning by the hot head of the product.

│ Storage Method & Use Period │

- Storage Condition

  • Keep it in a dry place.
  • Keep it in well-ventilated place.
  • Keep it in the place where it is not affected by pressure, wind, sunlight, air containing salt.
  • Do not keep it at chemical warehouse or gas generating area.
  • Temperature : 10℃ ~ 40℃, Humidity: 30 ~ 85%

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kumgang advance co ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
Business type



Neungseo-myeon,200-23 in Guyang-ri, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Electrical Components & Telecoms,Electronic Products,Other Beauty Equipment,Other Health Care Products,Rehabilitation Therapy products
Year Established
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Company introduction


Dear Customers,

We will upgrade the life of human through the development in medical market keeping the pace with 21 century’s advanced digital times.

We will do our best to focus our management capacity in carrying out our management philosophy introducing new management method with long-term investment and research through the establishment of R&D center to enhance the position as the leader of IT and BT industries reviving challenging and pioneering spirit in tune with digital era.

We are the company that manufactures medical and health equipments to contribute to medical development through the supply of advanced medical equipment developed along with remarkable science development.


Our company has maintained its position for more than 20 years by special knowhow and spirit of ‘Customer First’, and medical department of Kumkang Advance Co., Ltd. will become a reliable company contributing to medical development continuously.


Our company developed carbon light therapy apparatus by light and heat utilizing sunlight.Today’s human health is always exposed to the danger, and our health is threatened by serious pollution and a lot of stress. As the world entered the aging society, importance of health and wellbeing is becoming the main topic. Interest in health is growing in this era as such.


Our product ‘Carbon Light’ has many thermal effects to warm the human body. Phototherapy that liberates the person from the suffering by the disease without taking medicines or undergoing operation using carbon light cures the modern diseases and boosts immunity. To recover the health, we need to utilize natural healing power kept in our body. Our company aims to give health and happiness to our homes and we are going to export the products worldwide.


We will do our utmost effort to realize Medical Equipment Health care Skin beauty healthy welfare society.  in the future based on public confidence through excellent quality and outstanding individuals contributing to medical development, and we will become a company of e-biz & industry that brings beautiful world and harmony of on-off line. 

Thank you.


Kumkang Advance Co., Ltd.


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