DHL-1K Halogen light

DHL-1K Halogen light

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halogen light, reflector, softbox, studio flash
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Product name DHL-1K Halogen light Certification -
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Keyword halogen light , reflector , softbox , studio flash Unit Size -
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Supply type - HS code 9006610000

Product Information

 100-steps digital intensity control and multipurpose photographing
The state of the art technology allows the intensity of the 1kW halogen light to be controlled in 100 steps. Therefore, consistent intensity, which was impossible with analogue systems, can be realized. In addition 3200K, a light with a warm and soft feeling, is provided, so that multipurpose lighting that can be used for broadcasting, filming, and diverse photography for advertisements is possible.

Megajet DHL-1K Halogen Light covered by sensual style and practicality and convenience as new idea

Gradually System
If the high voltage of 220V hits a halogen lamp directly, it may reduce the life span of the lamp, and give an undesirable shock to naked eyes watching the lamp that are unprepared for the brightness. DHL-1K employs the “Gradually System,” which brightens a lamp gradually beginning at the state of “0”to protect vision and extend the lifespan of lamp.

Compact but Strong Spec
Simple external black aluminium die-casting body lets you feel the security of product and pleasure of shooting
The Product's exterior has an analogue look. However, thanks to our expertise in Studio flash. it has been designed to have a slim figure and a light weight adapting the "micom" digital control circuit. The heat-resistant and scratch-free half-gloss high-quality coating gives it a moderate, simple and luxurious image.

Convenient and more delicate functional split button
Summary of button functions



CMOS Control Technology only by specialist technology
Small and light weight compact size
Securing user safety with Gradually System function
High-precision Control Circuit by Micom Digital Circuit
Display as numbers of digital 100 level value
1000[W] 3400k colour temperature Halogen Lamp for photos
Lamp Time: GX6.35 1000W 230V
Lamp Code: 64575
Set value memory function
Built-in cooling fan
Operating range: OFF~100 level

Auto-click Umbrella access port and adopted one-touch-lock
Improved connectivity with other accessoriess

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South Korea South Korea /
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977-1 manchon2- dong, sugun-gu, Daegu, korea
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Lighting Accessories,Other Camera Accessories
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PhotoDynamic started photographic products in 1970 for the first time and has expanded domestic and international market share in photographic apparatus field. We'll do our best in developing the product with highest priority on customer satisfaction all the time through know-how accumulated for 40 years, investment on facility and RnD. We promise you to challenge variously to develop into the integrated brand which is recognized as "worthwhile price, worthwhile product" by the world.

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