Insect Pheromone Lure and Trap

Insect Pheromone Lure and Trap

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Green Agro Tech Co., Ltd.

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Product Information

Insect Pheromone Lure and Trap Application

Pheromone Compound Synthesis

Insect pheromone (Semiochemicals) is kind of chemical substance or mixture that carries a
message (communication) affecting insect behavior. Representatively, sex pheromones that
attract the other sex for mating, aggregation pheromones and kairomone that attract same or
other species of male and female, alarm pheromone and trail pheromone also have a certain
reaction, particularly the sex pheromone of moths and aggregation pheromone of stinkbugs
are among the most biologically representative active ingredients well known and
commercialized by specific species sex pheromone or attractant lure combined with different
trap types.

  • Available list of highly purified
    pheromone compound synthesized by GAT
Pest(Latin name) pheromone
Grapholita molesta Z8-dodecenyl actate
E8-dodecenyl actate
Phyllonorycter Ringoniella Z10-tetradececenyl acetate
Archips Breviplicanus E11-tetradecenyl acetate
Z11-tetradecenyl acetate
Adoxophyes Orana Z11-tetradecenyl acetate
Z9-tetradecenyl acetate
Homona Magnanima Z11-tetradecenyl acetate
Z9-tetradecenyl acetate
Conogethes Punctiferalis E10-hexadecenal
Spodoptera exigua Z9-tetradecenol
Z11-hexadecenyl acetate
Plutella xylostella Z11-hexadecenal
Z11-hexadecenyl acetate
Helicoverpa assulta Z11-hexadecenal
Z9-hexadecenyl acetate
Z11-hexadecenyl acetate
Palpita indica E,E-10,12-hexadecadienal
Mamestra brassicae Z11-hexadecenyl acetate
Z9-tetradecenyl acetate
Pseudaletia separata Z11-hexadecenal
Z11-hexadecenyl acetate
Helicoverpa armigera Z11-hexadecenal
Acrolepiopsis sapporensis Z11-hexadecenal
Z11-hexadecenyl acetate
Peridroma saucia Z11-hexadecenyl acetate
Z11-tetradecenyl acetate
Caloptilia Theivora Z11-hexadecenal
Plautia stali E,E,Z-2,4,6-decatrienoate
Blitopertha orientalis Z7-tetradecen-2-one
Riptortus Clavatus E-2-hexenyl Z-3-hexenoate
E-2-hexenyl E-2-hexenoate
Myristyl isobutylate
Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Z11-octadecen-1-ol

Pheromone Lure

Pheromone is released from the dispenser like rubber septum or polyethylene vial attracting specific insects and trapping into trap. Sex pheromone is currently available for a variety of insect species, especially moths used for pest monitoring. Approximately more than 30
species of pheromone or other trap types are available from commercial product listed in Green Agro Tech. And our traps (Delta trap, Wing trap, Funnel trap, Stink bug trap, Cone trap and a wide range of sticky traps) are designed to be highly effective eco-friendly pest management tool as improved catching numbers for successful monitoring and mass trapping program.


However, a ratio of pheromone components that can be a bit different, though Insect pheromone components are same every country. If the pheromone components are not combined in the proper proportions, the mixture loses its attractiveness or attracts a different species. So, please let us know proposition of pheromone components which will be better effective in your country due to being developed pheromone synthesis technology for a long time. Before use, we strongly recommend that you have to read carefully and use correctly after fully understanding effectiveness.

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Green Agro Tech Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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196-2 Inan-ri, Apryang-myeon, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Agricultural Greenhouses,Pest Control
Company introduction

"No venture, No gain"
Green Agro Tech Co., Ltd.(GAT) is well known for environmentally friendly products that employ biological controls such as pheromone lure and trap application based on Pheromone compound synthesis technology and a wide range of insect traps.
Another product we offer is a Bumblebee Pollination Service for Crop Pollination.

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