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pine needles air freshener, pine needles soap, pine needles essence, red pine needle oil
Bath Soap
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Jul 02, 2024
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2001
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Product Information


We will open the age of our global brand as an advanced bio industry in the future through our valuableexcellent plants and pine needle which is the mystery of nature.

ISO certification, and U.S. FDA certification

Natural Soap

-It is a natural pure soap not using chemacal oil and possible to wash your face at a time without cleansing cream. Natural palm oil is used so the skin becomes bright and beautiful. Our soaps are successfully passed the safety test of FDA. These soaps are effective for caring various skin troubles and is good for washing and moisturizing. Solnara soaps are comparable to other world-renowned cleansing foams. (Do not use the soap with other cleansing foams) Depending on the characteristic physical constitution, the human body decides the type of food and herbal medicines it requires. Similarly, There are many different types of skin. Solnara soaps have been researched and developed to allow consumers to choose according to their skin type.Such differentiating factors described above are the unique characteristics of Solnara soaps that add competitive edge over other commercial soaps. Red pine needles


-Oxypartimic acid in pine needles not only prevents skin from aging but also revives and moisturizes tired skin. to improve skin health and elasticity. Solnara Red Pine Needle oil is especially rich with natural pine needles so it is exceptional in preventing skin from aging and maintaining young-looking skin. The distinct active ingredients in pine needles such as proteins, enzymes and minerals separate tannin and chlorophyll, which are used to create plaster for skin disease.

Red pine needles Food

-We put 6kg of red pine needles in one pine needle soap! Red Pine Needle Oil is oil extract from red pine tree. To produce the red pine needle oil, we collected and processed pine needles from pine trees that grow 300m above sea level in the North Korean clean zones such as Mt. Geumgang and Mt. Baekdu. It takes 1 ton of pure pine needles to produce 350ml of red pine needle oil, which demonstrates that the oil is the very essence of pine needles. It is easy to eat and carry. It is made in a soft capsule. 1capsule (350mg) contains oil extracted from pine needles of 2kg. Pine needles oil food is successfully passed the safety test of FDA. Red Pine Needle Oil has about 170 beneficial effects on the human body and is used to treat 127 diseases. <Bonchogangmok (Korean botanical list), Dongeuibogam (famous Korean herbal medicine book) >

Hand Cleaner

-This speedy gel cleanser keeps you safe and clean from all kinds of microscopic hazardous materials.Use by rubbing a small amount until it is absorbed into your hands, thoroughly. The chief ingredient of Tamiflu a medicine used against the Swine flu, is the main ingredient in Solnara Hand Cleaner.Pine needles, the world-recognized strongest antibacterial and antivira function are the major ingredient of Solnara Hand Cleaner. They retain the highest amount of shikimic acid used in tamiflu medicines.


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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2001
Recent Visit
Jul 02, 2024
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Shin-jung hwa
1018,Anpyeonguiseong-ro, Uiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Bath Soap,Beauty Equipment,Face Mask,Facial Care,Health Care Supplement
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Company introduction

We, at Solnara, have long made researches and manufactured products such as pine needle oil health foods, natural soap, essence, hand cleaner and deodorant using naturally grown Korean plants as raw materials.


The pine needles, which are essential components for Solnara's products, are plants beneficial to our health and edible and skin-friendly, and smell fragrant. The pine needles as praised in UNESCO-registered Korean traditional medical book, "Donguibogam" are recorded to have treated 127 or more different diseases and 170 or more cases of medical efficacy.


Particularly, the Solnara's pine needle oil (health food) is a food that is edible and makes the skin glossy when applied. At the same time, the Solnara's pine needle oil is made for a total health body program from which a 100% pine needle natural aroma therapy can be experienced.


The pine needle, one of world famous twelve aromas, can clear the brain by just indirectly smelling the aroma to neutralize the artificial chemical substances harmful to health, and is known to have the


evidential effects of increasing the ability to concentrate.


Furthermore, the pine needle can protect the respiratory organs against various bacteria and viruses, and can help promote the circulation of metabolism, whereby beauty can be further fostered.


The pine needle oil (health food) has been produced under the watchful eyes of GMP and has received the FDA certification from USA. It is also one of the proudest products receiving high re-purchase orders not only from Korea but also from USA, England and Kazakhstan to which it is continuously exported.


Our company of Solnara was cited and appointed by the Korean Government as one of the export-promoting companies and outstanding prospective small & medium businesses.

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