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Due to the sudden outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), supplying the number of masks cannot meet the demands of the world. presents excellent Korean companies that can provide suitable substitutes for the protective masks, including food for helping to improve personal immunity.
If you are seeking to find virus-preventing products for your beloved people with prominent brands of Korea, please click on "Submit an application" below and enter your brief information.

Comparison of Each Country’s Mask Standards


  • Absology Co., Ltd.
    SAbsoludy COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid is based on the principle of an immune-chromatography in vitro test for the qualitative determination of SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) specific IgM or IgG in serum, plasma or whole blood. Absoludy COVID-19 IgM/ IgG Rapid gives clinical decision-making for patients suspected of SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) infection.
    Goodgene's main products include various DNA chips and PCR kits, gene storage systems, gene analysis and diagnostic equipment, cosmetics, DNA vaccines, and gene therapy products. As a bio-venture company that stores and produces stem cells and immune cells, it is a gene research and testing institution designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  • Plexense
    We are Plexense Inc., a South Korean company that specializes in the development and production of a fast and cost-effective Elisa immunoassay platform for clinical, food and life science testing. We are providers of a serology based diagnostic kits for the Covid-19. The only Korean serology-based product supported and endorsed by the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology.
    TCM-Q Corona III kit is in vitro diagnostic medical device based on real-time reverse transcription PCR (rRT-PCR) method intended for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid from the 2019-nCoV in nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal swabs and sputum from individuals with signs and symptoms of infection who are suspected of COVID-19.
  • HeimBiotek.
    Heim Biotech Co., Ltd. secures IP of gene detection and analysis and diagnosis technology with high technical and economic competitiveness through research and development of new gene detection and analysis mechanisms under the motto of The Best or The First. We are devoting ourselves to globalization of technology and products by developing diagnostic products.
  • 1drop Inc.
    Here at 1drop Inc., we aim to provide more people with a healthier life through our innovative mobile solutions for the prevention of disease, management of healthcare, and improvement of life. We are on the path to becoming a leader in the global mobile healthcare market, using our speed-management system based on frugal innovation via a lean start-up philosophy to satisfy all of our customers,
  • Wizbiosolutions
    Wiz Bio Solution Co., Ltd. possesses core competency in research and development of products related to genetic and molecular diagnosis, and researches and develops and manufactures various products.In the field of point-of-care molecular diagnostics, we have a unique technology that is differentiated from existing technologies.
  • Humedix.CO., LTD.
    Humedix will continue to invest in R&D, And the development of high value-added products, To become a global healthcare company by further strengthening partnerships with global bio companies. I will make progress.
  • SML Genetree Co.,Ltd
    SML Genetree is the fastest outstanding company in molecular diagnostics after its establishment. It is recognized as the best partner providing the developed technology on time to the customers without using the balance between the basic research of molecular biology and applied research related to molecular diagnosis.
  • AMSBIO Co., Ltd.
    The core of AMSBIO is R&D. It is to improve the quality of life for all of us by developing key future IVD technologies through continuous R&D and creating innovative diagnostics and technologies to reflect them in human life.
  • Biogenetics
    We, Biogenetics are one of leading condom manufacturers in Korea and have been supplying our quality condoms to United Nations Organization such as UNFPA, Internationally recognized organization PSI and USAID and government tender like Brazil more than 100 countries since we established on 1973. We also have enjoyed good reputation in commercial market with high quality condoms.
    We will be a company equipped with prime competitiveness and grow and develop along with our customers.” / EF Engineering, established in May 1996, has been manufacturing precision parts of FPD/semiconductor equipment / and automation facilities, aiming at contributing to parts industry’s development.
    We are selling eyelash extension and related to eyelash extension accessories. We are marketing 6 years. Our products have a good quality & reasonable price. Our production are popular in Russia & Central Asia. If you are interesting in our products please contact us. You can contact us in alibaba & tradeKorea site.
    We, Ideacity co., (YANMA GROUP) are specialized in production and development of the UV Sterilizer for the handrail of the escalators and moving walks which is one of most germiest places of the mall, hotel, metro, airport and department stores. If you care about your customer's health & hygiene then kindly consider our non-powered UV sterilizer, Clear Win product. We promise to grow into the world's best partner in this hygienic field.
  • Taebong Co., Ltd.
    TAE BONG CO., LTD specialrized at non-woven and sanitary, medical, cosmetic and daily using product. We established to supply our best eco-friendly product and service to customer. TAE BONG is certified it's quility by ISO, LOHAS and Control Union We export to 13 foreign, such as USA, JAPAN, FRANCE, CHINA and so on.
  • OTOS Wing Co., Ltd.
    OTOS has been standing as the leader in protective eyewear market with technology and experience acquired for more than 38 years. / Our auto darkening welding helmets with world’s best technologies have lead the world market. / We have also started supplying medical protective products to Johns Hopkins Hospital and University of Wisconsin Hospital in the United States.
  • Neo Medical Inc.
    Since our initiation of business with Pharmacy products in 2003, we are doing our best to attain the best quality of products in the industry with you customers' ceaseless encourage and supports. We think all those are thanks to you customers' affection and love of our company, and are deeply thankful to you customers.
  • GP&E CO., LTD.
    GP&E Co.,Ltd is manufacutring a natural mineral antivirus/antibacterial spray. As a registrated in FDA and patent material these sprays are killing a variety of Virus, Bacteria, Fungi and it has a good effect on deodorizing. We are keeping many certificates for those effects from USA and Korea. With easy spraying people can keep the safe space indoor and outdoor.
  • MaruAra
    MaruAra is a company that manufactures products or collect the items are harmless to human beings for exports to overseas. our first choice for produce items or select products is that do not harm to people and nature. We will give you promise that we will never sell any products that harm people or nature. We will promise to handle the best products for health and benefits for you and nature.
  • Dainnuri Co., Ltd
    Since its founding in 2010, Dainnuri Corportation has continuously grown despite its short history. Dainnuri aims to impress consumers in orer to become established as a leading corporation for our customers' convenience and is future-oriented in the field of industrial safety and health.

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