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Company Overview

Company name
CHO-A Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Cho Sung Hwan, Cho Sung Bae
Year of establishment
Haman Factory: Haman-gun,
Seoul Head Office: Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Main product
Hepos Syrup, Galeo Liquid, Evathion
Capsule, Newhem Syrup,
Fematin Syrup, Jalkton, Cho-A Viton
Main countries of export
Vietnam, USA, Hong Kong, Mongolia, China,
Cambodia, Myanmar, Iran

Overseas Marketing Overview with KITA

Export support program

TradeKorea Buyer Matching Program

Country of export

Julius Chen & Company (Hong Kong)

Export product

Lactobacillus products, etc.

Export sales

USD 160,000

A Sincere Journey for Humanity's Life Without Most of Diseases

Since its establishment in 1988, CHO-A Pharmaceutical has established a production factory in Haman, Gyeongsangnam-do Province and continued to invest in improving quality standards and maximizing production capacity on the strengths of being approved as a KGMP (Korean Good Manufacturing Practice) qualified company in February 1995, obtaining ISO 9001 (quality standards of International Organization for Standardization) certification for the first time in the domestic pharmaceutical industry in May 1996, and obtaining GMP certification for health functional foods in May 2008. CHO-A Pharmaceutical, which has grown rapidly over the past 30 years, publicly registered on KOSDAQ in August 1999 based on its management performance so far, renewing itself as a more reputable company.

“CHO-A Pharmaceutical began to garner wide attention upon introducing an oral double-neck ampoule. Since forming a technical partnership with France's Rafale in 1994 and producing ampoules in earnest, we began exporting ampoules to Vietnam in 1995, growing steadily every year afterward. Currently, the products made and supplied by CHO-A Pharmaceutical total approximately 200 types of medicines, health foods, and health drinks, including over 30 types of oral ampoule products, such as Cho-A Viton, Immunocan, Hepos Syrup, Vasoclean Solution, Fematin Capsule, Evathion Capsule, and Jalkton.”

In 2023, CHO-A Pharmaceutical launched a safer and more convenient one-touch ampoule, ‘Cho-a Safeasy Ampoule’, while securing domestic and international patents. The safety and convenience of liquid products have been improved by applying the patented container ‘Cho-a Safeasy Ampoule’. The “Safeasy Ampoule” is a container using the portmanteau of 'safe and easy', and is made of the highest safety grade (USP Plastic Class VI) material certified by United States Pharmacopoeia. In addition, ‘Cho-a Safeasy Ampoule’ has acquired a domestic patent for its original design and ergonomic design that allows for better grip, and has filed patent applications in 12 overseas countries (USA, Europe, Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Peru, Kuwait, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia). In addition to durability and heat resistance, the double-protection effect from external shock through the installation of a sleeve enhances the durability of the product and minimizes damage from external shock. Besides that, it blocks the inflow of external foreign substances, and also improves safety by minimizing the degradation of ingredients with a light-shielding container, and its one-touch design enables easy opening, making it convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

“CHA-A Pharmaceutical is poised for a second leap ahead with all its employees united under the banner of ‘effort, reward, and hope together.’ It will continue to do its best to develop and supply excellent medicines to cure and relieve people from disease and safeguard their health and happiness, being recognized as a prominent leader in the 21st century pharmaceutical industry.”

Difference in Quality Recognized Overseas by Establishing a Research & Development System

To proactively respond to the rapidly changing global pharmaceutical market with both technological and social approaches, CHO-A Pharmaceutical boldly shifted its research and development domain from the existing first-generation biopharmaceutical research and development to the development of natural medicines based Yangbyeonghak theory [p1] in November 2020. Currently, the establishment of a research and development system has been completed with the goal of developing individually approved health functional food ingredients and natural medicines. In addition, CHO-A Pharmaceutical is kickstarting its entry into the global market by developing various new products and conducting research activities as well as establishing overseas branches to boldly enter the global market beyond the domestic market. It participates in overseas pharmaceutical and health functional food international trade exhibitions every year and is continuously working to develop the global market, pursue marketing, and increase exports.

“For the first time in 2018, a match was made with Julius Chen & Company from Hong Kong through the tradeKorea platform operated by the Platform Marketing Office of the Korea International Trade Association. After online matching through a person in charge from the Korea International Trade Association, we seized an opportunity for face-to-face consultations and established our first relationship. Afterwards, we planned and proposed customized products for customers through analysis of the Hong Kong health functional food market and began developing 17 types of complex live lactic acid bacteria products. In Hong Kong, we promptly launched a customized product supply business and produced samples. After completing the initial export, we have undertaken exports 11 times, developing products catering to the needs of buyers and providing information on various product lines in local language. In addition, given Hong Kong’s hot and humid climate, we proposed a lactic acid bacteria product that can help improve skin conditions caused by immune hypersensitivity, and finalized the sales contract.”

In addition, contracts were signed to supply Jalkton, Lactobacillus Chewable, and Dino Lactobacillus Powder, which are helpful for children's growth, in line with the needs of the Hong Kong buyer. Under the export support of the Korea International Trade Association, CHO-A Pharmaceutical and the Hong Kong buyer have developed into important partners by continuously researching new products and developing and supplying products catering to the targeted market. Currently, the two companies still plan to cooperate to discover ingredients from third countries and develop new products catering to Hong Kong-based customers. It will continue to develop and maintain a strong partnership with the Hong Kong buyer through seamlessly constant communication.

“Going forward, through active use of the Korea International Trade Association’s overseas business support program, CHA-A Pharmaceutical plans to create new growth engines by actively targeting and pioneering new markets. CHO-A Pharmaceutical plans to target and pioneer the global market footholds and expand sales for major products such as the patented containers ‘CHO-A SAFEASY Ampoule’ and ‘Double Neck Ampoule’.”

Success Point

Quality certification
proven at home
and abroad

Approved as a KGMP (Korean Good Manufacturing Practices) qualified company in February 1995, obtained ISO 9001 (quality standards of International Organization for Standardization) certification for the first time in the domestic pharmaceutical industry in May 1996, and obtained health functional food GMP certification in May 2008. Produced the patented container 'Cho-a Safeasy Ampoule' using the highest safety grade (USP Plastic Class VI) material certified by United States Pharmacopoeia, improving the safety and convenience of liquid products.

Using the tradeKorea platform,
to enter Hong Kong market

Signed a contract after face-to-face consultations with a Hong Kong buyer through the Buyer Matching and Invitation Program of tradeKorea, the online platform of the Korea International Trade Association. Completed the first order for an initial quantity of 250 units by determining that the multi-lactobacillus product for infants would be fondly received in the Hong Kong market.

export market
through OEM

Received consultations from the tradeKorea team of the Korea International Trade Association and discussed OEM progress methods and prices with buyers. The product has been officially registered with the Hong Kong Ministry of Health and is being distributed and sold both in Hong Kong and Macau. Since completing the first product order for the initial quantity of 250 units, exports were undertaken 11 times, afterwards. Currently, the two companies are planning to cooperate to discover ingredients from third countries and develop new products catering to Hong Kong-based customers.

To. Korea International Trade Association

“We are sincerely grateful for the capability to expand overseas exports through the Korea International Trade Association and are looking forward to keeping creating business opportunities with overseas buyers with support of the highly reputed Korea International Trade Association. We are also grateful to have pioneered a tangible presence in the Hong Kong market through the tradeKorea online platform operated by the Platform Marketing Office of the Korea International Trade Association and hope the Korea International Trade Association embraces its bridge-building role to enable the entry of various Korean companies in more overseas markets. Thank you."

CHA-A Pharmaceutical CEO Cho Sung Hwan

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