Matrigen Compound Trinity Q for Skin Care Korean Cosmetics

The powder helps clean and arrange skin texture, and a solution that helps relieve acne and improve dermatitis combine with the skin to solve concerns

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anti-aging, korean cosmetics, whitening, skin care ampoules
Skin Care Serum
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Cosmo C&T

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Apr 11, 2024
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1993
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Product name Matrigen Compound Trinity Q for Skin Care Korean Cosmetics Certification -
Category Skin Care Serum Material -
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origin South Korea Stock 100
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Product Information

The powder helps clean and arrange skin texture, and a solution that helps relieve acne and imporve dermatitis combine with the skin to resolve your skin concerns. Coenzyme Q10 motivates powerful antioxidant defenses in weakened skin, preventing visible signs of aging and helping restore skin"s firmness and texture. Ingredients with powerful antioxidant effects and ingredients that form a protective film from ultraciolet rays help gradually disappear blemishes and spots.






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Cosmo C&T

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1993
Recent Visit
Apr 11, 2024
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Jaekook Roh
jangogaero243beongil 26-2, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea
Product Category
Other Health Care Products
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 Since our foundation in 1993 as the challenging professional esthetic business company in Korea, 

COSMO C&T has grown tremendously for the last 26 years thanks to our valuable customers with

high trust. Today COSMO C&T is a leading esthetic business company in Korea. COSMO C&T is

in the customer-driven in the belief that our purpose is to increase customer satisfaction. In addition,

COSMO C&T is striving to maintain a market leadership by supplying safe and effective products

to customers. We pledge to grow in stature as a company most trusted by customers.






   COSMO C&T Established


   Signed a exclusive contract with Dr. Babor Korea in Germany


   Obtained permission to manufacture and selling medical devices


  - Participated in overseas exhibitions and started exporting

  - Signed export contract to China & U.S.A (Equipment)


  - Signed oversea export contract

  - Singapore National University Hospital RF Equipment Bid

  - Passed final safety & performance test(Korea medical device first approved)



    Obtained quality management system Certification(ISO 9001:2000)

    Designated as a promising export small & medium enterprise


  -  Designated as a venture enterprise

  -  Expansion of exports to China, Hong Kong, Thailand, U.S.A, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia


    Acquired Sonic Filler CE Mark and concluded export contract to USA and Southeast Asia




  Acquired CE for Celltron Multi, Launched I cell, Launched Eco Cell 2, Launched Cryo-derm


 - Acquired KGMP

 - MATRIGEN and professional line launch / Major overseas cosmetics exposition exhibition




   - MATRIGEN PPC cosmetics exported to Turkey

   - OEM, ODM cosmetic manufacturing registration

   - Introduced the latest facilities and constructed various kinds

     of production facilities




     OEM, ODM R & D production




 - Strengthen domestic and overseas OEM, ODM contract and export business

 - Development of Meso Filler(for Injection)




  - Launched Mesotox (injection) solution

  - Signed a contract to supply products for esthetic consumer companies

  - Export Capability Enhancement Project





  -  Expansion of facility investment (mass production facility) Export capacity expansion business Expansion of export to 30 countries

  - Launched equipment of MISTRO



  2018     - ISO 22176 Certification

            - Released Mask pack 2 items

            - Development of Sun Stick

            - Moved to COSMO C&T new office building in Incheon Gajwa Dong

               - Solution expansion of advanced facility investment(mass facility)


      2019      Foundation of MESO PHARM Co., Ltd.)
                    -Foundation of Department for Research & Development
                    -Investment Expansion of Solution Advanced Facility
                     (Input Large Facility)
                    -Make Full-scale with OEM, ODM
                    -ISO 22176 Certification
                    -Launched 2 items of Mask Pack
                    -Expansion of Overseas OEM & ODM Export Business
                    -Cosmetics GMP Certification
                    -Factory Permit of MESO PHARM Co., Ltd


-Venture Company Certification of MESO PHARM Co., Ltd.

-Authorized Certification Manufacturing for Quasi-Drug
-U.S FDA OTC Registration Certification
-Launched Hand Sanitizer (Cosmetics & Quasi-Drug)
-Hand Sanitizer related OEM, ODM progress
-Research and Development of our own new products.


        2021     -Bravity Line launched 


         2022     -EVE VEGAN Factory Registration


         2023     -Launched NMN products




pProducts Line


“Medical Aesthetic Equipment”

-Face, Body Management System
-Dermatology Clinic, Beauty Salon dedicated equipment
-Skin Regeneration, Therapeutic Effect
-Compact mini sized design, Complex function














Complex Ampoule System            

Modelage Mask Pack  System

PPC BODY Contouring  System

B-TOX PEEL SKIN Renewal  System

Skin Care Professional Face&Body


Skin Care Fluid  System     

Skin Care Retail Skin

Care Ampoule  System





Technology & Development

















Main Markets

China China

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

Russia Russia

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Singapore Singapore

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