dermaFIT Muscle Retention Cream-Strength, DON'T LOSE YOUR GAINS

Preserve muscle gains for optimal recovery with our baseline topical body cream.

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muscle mass, muscle building supplements, muscle recovery, muscle cream
Health Products , Body Lotion , Massage Cream , Other Body Care Products , Health Care Supplement
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EX Healthcare Inc.

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May 23, 2024
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South Korea South Korea / 2022
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Product name dermaFIT Muscle Retention Cream-Strength, DON'T LOSE YOUR GAINS Certification -
Category Health Products
Body Lotion
Massage Cream
Other Body Care Products
Health Care Supplement
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Keyword muscle mass , muscle building supplements , muscle recovery , muscle cream Unit Size 50.0 * 170.0 * 70.0 mm
Brand name dermaFIT Unit Weigh 200 mg
origin South Korea Stock 10000
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Product Information

Keep your body fit without intaking extra calories! Apply the cream made of muscle-loss prevention technology. 

This is not just an ordinary body cream.With its cutting-edge technology, dermaFIT Muscle Maintenance Cream actively supports your exercise by steadily retaining your muscle. Apply dermaFIT Muscle Maintenance Cream after exercise, and it will act as a booster that maximizes the effectiveness of your workout. ­Maintaining your muscle is more than having a fit body. 

 Let dermaFIT Muscle Maintenance Cream be a reliable ally for your muscles anytime, anywhere. To put it more simply, M.A.X. (Muscle aegis exosome) technology helps prevent muscle mass loss. The cream amplifies miRNA that prevents muscle loss inside the exosome, naturally secreted from the skin and transported to muscle, and steadily maintains muscles for you. 

 Under PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), we have completed issuing an international patent for M.A.X. technology in both U.S. and Singapore. In the future, we plan to expand our development to functional foods and even pharmaceutical fields based on this technology. 

dermaFIT is only the beginning! It can help take care of the weakened muscle strength from long-term hospitalization or slow the rate of sarcopenia for elders or those suffering from complications. Muscle loss in the human body begins at around age 35 and occurs at a rate of 1-2% a year for the typical perosn. Age-related muscle loss can accelerate to 3% a year after age 60.  When using dermaFIT for two weeks, the test results showed about a 2.3% increase in muscle mass.


This makes up for almost a year worth of average muscle loss in just two weeks. Many people choose to consume protein shake powders when trying to gain muscle. However, for the protein shake powders to be effective, one must take at least 121 kcal per scoop on average. The calories go up to at least 300 kcal in total if including the calories of milk required to make the shake. Lactose components in some protein shake powders can cause stomach pain, especially for lactose-intolerant people who generally have trouble digesting protein from milk.


With dermaFIT Muscle Maintenance Cream, you can experience the advantages of gaining muscle without having to intake extra calories or worry about side effects such as lactose reaction.





  Choose an easier route to retaining your muscle and apply the cream to your desired area of skin! With dermaFIT cream series, protect your precious muscles you've gained through hard work and keep your body fit! dermaFIT Muscle Maintenance Cream is a certified product by EVE VEGAN that does not use any animal ingredients or involve animal testing in the manufacturing process.

 dermaFIT Muscle Maintenance Cream was certified at the level of "Excellent" by a German certification program called dermatest, indicating there is no toxin or skin irritation found when performing the patch test. 

dermaFIT cream does not have any artificial fragrance that may cause allergies, and instead contains menthol that provides a fresh, cooling sensation on skin. After applying the cream, the minty scent of menthol naturally disappears in time. After a rigorous workout, apply to the areas that are particularly painful to smooth the muscle. The cooling sensation of menthol ingredient assists in alleviating pain.

 Now, there's no need to bring a separate tumbler or spoon to make your protein shake. dermaFIT is a compact product that fits anywhere from your pocket to a bag, and can be used anywhere, anytime.

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EX Healthcare Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2022
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May 23, 2024
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