TOYTRON-Coding PET Milky Set,STEM Toy,STEAM,Coding Robot,Future Science,Educational Toy

TOYTRON-Coding PET Milky Set,STEM Toy,STEAM,Coding Robot,Future Science,Educational Toy

Coding is easy and fun!Develop computational thinking skills and creativity with coding cards.Code music and dance moves for Milky with the Mobile App

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educational toy, coding robot, stem toy, future science
Educational Toys
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Toytron Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1999
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Product name TOYTRON-Coding PET Milky Set,STEM Toy,STEAM,Coding Robot,Future Science,Educational Toy Certification CE
Category Educational Toys Material -
Keyword educational toy , coding robot , stem toy , future science Unit Size 244.0 * 74.0 * 33.0 mm
Brand name TOYTRON Unit Weigh 1 g
origin South Korea Stock 10000
Supply type OBM HS code 9503003800

Product Information

Play with Milky and Learn to Code!


Develop computational thinking skills and creativity with coding cards!


Code music and dance moves for Milky with the Mobile Apps!


With Milky, coding is fun! Coding is easy!


  • ✔️ Meet Milky: Coding Pet Milky Offers a Chance for Kids to Develop a Tech Knowledge through a Simple and Accessible Learning Platform in the form of an Adorable and Fun Play Toy.
  • ✔️ Extend the Possibilities of Your Kids by giving them a Fun Opportunity to Develop their Computational Skills, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Capacities.
  • ✔️ Make Milky Play Music and Dance. Perfect for Kids at home with Family and Friends to Play with, Learning to Create, Enjoy and Interact.
  • ✔️ Comes with Free Apps to Interlink with Coding Pet Milky that Offer Hours of Interactive Challenges that can Easily Draw Your Kids’ Attention and learn the Sense of Achievement.
  • ✔️ Coding Pet Milky comes with 26 Coding Cards, 6 Coding Boards, 6 Markers and a USB cable and does Not Require separate Batteries.




Mood Coding & Card Coding


Mood Coding

Interact with Milky through colors, sounds and moves.

You can change MIlky's mood with food cards!


Card Coding 

Learn the basics of coding with the coding cards.


Program your own codes that involves various actions and commands





Line Coding & Color Coding


Line Coding

Draw mazes, maps, or games for Milky to play!

Milky will follow the path you outlined, 

and colors will command Milky to do specifie actions!


Color Coding

With different colors, hear Milky sing the musical scale!


Touch a colorful object with Milky, 

and it will play a musical note that corresponds with that color.

Try to play the melody of one your favorite songs!





Music Coding & Dance Coding


Music Coding 

Download Coding Pet Milky Music Coding App!


Explore children's songs in the song library, 

or compose your own song for Coding Pet Milky to play!


Dance Coding 

Download Coding Pet Milky Card Coding App!

Code without the cards.

The app offers functions that allow you to control the distance 

Milky travels or the angle Milky rotates. 

Teach Milky some dance moves!





The set includes Milky, 5 pin micro USB cable, 6 markers, 

6 coding boards, and 26 coding cards.



Product information


Package Dimensions : 33*24.4*7.4 cm


Item Weight : 0.64g


Manufacturer recommended age : 8 years and up


Manufacturer : TOYTORN

Verified Certificate


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Toytron Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1999
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236 Hyoryeong-ro Seocho-gu Seoul, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Character Toys & Gifts Service,Educational Toys,Plastic Toys
Year Established
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Company introduction

Toytron has been grown for 22 years, starting with AI Toy “Chatty and Popo" in 1999. A firm management principle based on steady product development and product line expansion is the secret to the growth of Toytron. Toytron's toy brands "Do-Re-Mi Dalimi" and "Harp and Friends" were created in 2021 with animation. These are aired on Korean public broadcasters, and OTT platforms including Netflix. Toytron is strengthening its position in edu-tech toy field. Toytron holds nine technology patents and has been certified as a T3 company that is granted only to excellent technology companies. "Future Coding" was created with the support of the "Ministry of Science" and technology by Toytron. Many kindergartens adopt and use the program. Toytron are recognized at home and abroad. It has a brand store on Amazon USA and QOO10. It is the only Korean toy company that has a brand store in China T-Mall Global. Love for children is the driving force that has led to Toytron.



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