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High-end low noise Vacuum-suction RF device with LCD display

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MORE3 Co., Ltd.

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May 27, 2024
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South Korea South Korea / 2017
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Product Information

"HERA Vacuum" is a High frequency(RF) Device with Suction function for Body-Slimming.

Manufactured in Korea, HERA Vacuum is big success and has high reputation in both Japan and Korea body-slimming markets.

Please view it's features and application as under.




High frequency(RF) with Suction for Body-Slimming


■ Principles of obesity management by high frequency(RF)’s action on fat


    ① Typically, fat begins to dissolve at 41°C.

    ② Adipose tissue generates a lot of body heat and reflex occurs at the

        interface between fat and muscle, so the heat generation in the

        subcutaneous fat layer is high, so fat decomposition is well done.

    ③ Deep heat generated by high frequency(RF) loosens the binding of hard adipose tissue,

        dissolves and burns the moisture therebetween, and accelerates the burning of adipose tissue.

    ④ Adipose tissue that has been dissolved and burned in this way is discharged

        into sweat glands or urine.


■ Application


    ① Abdominal care

    ② Lower body management

    ③ Partial fat reduction

    ④ Chest care

    ⑤ Back management

    ⑥ Sound pressure

    ⑦ Fiber membrane destruction

    ⑧ Increase skin elasticity

    ⑨ Blood circulation

    ⑩ Edema treatment

■ Feature


    ① 1Mhz high frequency has an excellent function to dissolve fat.

    ② Suction function with negative pressure, activates lymph circulation

        and promotes the excretion of waste products from body, also helps losing fat.

    ③ Stylish design with LCD touch screen

    ④ Lowest noise among similar equipment

    ⑤ High frequency equipment which helps to manage face & body elasticity and slimming

    ⑥ RF power can be controlled with 1 ~ 10 RF levels

    ⑦ RF Vacuum can be controlled with four modes and 5 vacuum levels

■ Specification


    ① Frequency : 1MHz ± 30%

    ② Mode : Continuous / Fast Pulse / Normal / Slow Pulse

    ③ RF level : 1 ~ 10 stage

    ④ Operating temperature : 10℃ ~ +40℃

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MORE3 Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2017
Recent Visit
May 27, 2024
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seyeon, Kim
Cheonho-daero Gwangjin-gu Seoul, 506,4F, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea
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