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Mondomio Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
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Product name Hanging Pot/ Garden/ Plant/ Upcycling/ Kit / Disposable cup upcycle/ RECUPKIT Certification -
Category Other Home Decor Ingredients -
Keyword kit , garden , plant , upcycle Unit Size 283.0 * 238.0 * 3.0 mm
Brand name MONDOMIO Unit Weigh 64 g
origin South Korea Stock 1000
Supply type OEM HS code 3926

Product Information



Recycling and reusing disposable cups


Can't we reuse the nearly 500 billion disposable cups that are thrown out worldwide each year? A disposable cup upcycle kit born from these concerns [RECUPKIT: RECYCLE CUP KIT]
RECUPKIT is a disposable cup upcycle kit product/brand developed by MONDOMIO Corporation, a company specializing in industrial design, following two years of research and development.

The RECUPKIT is a 100% recyclable plastic DIY kit that enables the upcycling of disposable cups that can be transformed into a variety of uses such as hanging flower pots, air freshener storage, office supplies storage, interior design elements, etc. Each product includes two cup ring modules that can hold a disposable cup, so it can be used for a diverse range of purposes depending on the user's desires. In addition, multiple kits can be used to connect and create chains of any length.

What is Upcycling?
Upcycling is a design trend that creates new value and regenerates old products into new products beyond the recycling of waste products. Upcycling is a compound word made up of Up-Grade and Re-cycling, and is different from the existing concept of recycling.


Product composition and size


- Culture soil and seeds are purchased separately.


Application example


* Planterior and home gardening (hanging plants)

example) Disposable cup + RECUPKIT + Plant or seed = hanging plant

Planterior is a compound word made up of plant and interior, and is also called a plant interior or greenterior, and is growing in importance as an interior design trend these days. Create a fresh green world within your home or office on a spring day, when the outside air is full of fine dust.

Some people give up on planting, saying, "If you bring a flower pot home... it always ends up dying." Is it necessary to give up on creating fresh natural interior atmosphere just because planting is difficult? There is an 'interior harmony' that is even more tangible than real things to us. Challenge your home gardening with the RECUPKIT and disposable cups!

You can easily undertake the challenge with hanging plants such as air plants (Ionantha, or Spanish Moss), air purification plants that do not require soil.

If you don't have soil and masato, try growing an aquatic plant!
You might also consider the popular companion plant "Marimo", which is said to bring good luck among students these days. Put colored sand and your favorite figure in a take-out plastic cup and add 1 or 2 cute marimos. Marimo, a moss that is round and ball-like, is a lifelong companion plant that can keep you company for more than a century, as long as the plant’s water is kept cool and clean. Marimo floats up once or twice a year if kept in tip-top condition.

* Storage box

Can be used as an air freshener with dried coffee powder, or to store stationery such as pencils.
How about finding a new use that suits you? You are the star of upcycling disposable cups.

* Provide educational materials & hands-on learning manual

We provide educational manuals for use with the RECUPKIT. Use it for experiential learning or as an educational resource. The educational manual can be downloaded from the QR code below or from the MONDOMIO shopping mall (NOTICE) or blog (http://blog.naver.com/nsy1763).

[RECUPKIT] educational manuals




This is an example of how to create a hanging plant using the RECUPKIT.

Build it by hand! Easy to assemble!

How to assemble the RECUPKIT


How to assemble the RECUPKIT

When removing the RECUPKIT module, you can open it by hand, but it can be quickly and neatly separated by using tools such as nippers, scissors, and knives. When disassembling and assembling a large number of kits, be sure to use a nipper.

Note: You can easily assemble it by referring to the assembly instructions included with the RECUPKIT package. When assembling the kit's connector (join stick) module, the string may be twisted if incorrectly inserted in the wrong direction. Loosen it again and insert it in the opposite direction to loosen the string.
If you want to see how to assemble the product in more detail... Check out the video from the QR code below.

[RECUPKIT] how to assemble
If you create a hanging flower pot (RECUPKIT), where can you hang it?

Q. I created a hanging flower pot and a hanging plant with the RECUPKIT and disposable cups. Where can I hang them within the house?
1. The easiest way is to use a window curtain rod. It can be easily hung on a general curtain compression rod (compressed curtain rod). If the curtain rod is too thick, try using a metal "S-ring".
2. If the ceiling is finished with gypsum board or wood, install small screws and hang the hanging plant using a fishing line or linen cord. When hanging multiple hanging plants, you can create a richer and more dynamic space by changing the length of the fishing line using the screw.
3. You can freshen up your bathroom by hanging a hanging plant on a bathroom shelf, hook, or towel rack.


intellectual property rights


The RECUPKIT was selected as an excellent design at the “Good Design Awards” and received recognition for its design excellence.
In addition, the technology and design of RECUPKIT are protected by intellectual property rights such as utility model registration (1), design registration (1), and trademark registrations (2). Therefore, you may be liable for the manufacture or sale of similar products due to theft of the technology or design.

Good Design Award
In accordance with the Industrial Design Promotion Act, the appearance, function, material, and economy of the product are comprehensively screened, and the Good Design (GD) mark is given to products that have recognized excellence in design.


Exhibitions - NEWS


Participated in 2020 Doing Doing Clear weather garden

Participated in 2019, 2020, 2021 Korea Eco-friendly Contest Fair

Participated in 2018 Sejong Art Market Soso

Participated in 2016, 2017 Seoul Living Design Fair

Participated in 2017 Milan Homie, Italy / Tokyo International Gift Show

Participated in 2016, 2017 Seoul Cafe Show

Participated in 2016 Suncheon Bay Nature Park


delivery-exchange-return policy


*Shipping information
We aim to ship within 48 hours after payment is completed. RECUPKIT is a product manufactured/sold by Mondomio Co., Ltd., and the quantity of inventory for each color is different, and depending on the color, orders may be sold out or suffer from delayed delivery. (If you want fast delivery or bulk purchases, please proceed with your purchase after checking inventory quantities.)
*If a defect is discovered after receipt of the product, please contact Mondomio Co., Ltd. head office (+82-53-856-1763) within 7 working days and we will resolve the issue quickly.

Exchanges and returns are acceptable in the following cases
· Requests for exchange/return must be made within 7 days of delivery.
· In case of returns due to a simple change of heart, the return shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer, and the product and packaging must be in good condition for subsequent resale.
· If the product is found to be in defective condition, we will refund the full amount including shipping.

Exchanges and returns are NOT acceptable in the following cases
· In case the product is damaged or lost due to the negligence of the buyer
· When the product value is damaged (separation of kit product module)

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is it possible to customize the RECUPKIT in the color I want?
A. RECUPKIT was released in five colors including white, black, brown, yellow, and green. Depending on the sales situation, the inventory for each color may vary, and if you want other colors, customized colors are available for bulk purchases (about 2.000 pieces).
For inquiries on color customization and bulk purchases, please contact Mondomio Co., Ltd. Tel: +82-53-856-1763, E-mail and we will provide relevant information in greater detail.

Q. Is it possible to replace partially damaged kits?
A. If defects in the manufacturing process (injection, packaging, delivery) are discovered, the shipped products will be replaced with new products. However, it is difficult to exchange parts damaged due to consumer negligence. Please be careful when assembling the product.

Q. How many RECUPKITs can be connected?
A. You can extend the length infinitely up to the desired length by connecting the lower and upper join sticks to the holes of the cup ring module, but considering the weight that can be supported when storing cups, plants or other objects in the cup ring, it is extendable only up to 6 cup rings. It is recommended that plants only contain 2-3 cup rings.

Q.How many kilograms can the RECUPKIT support in terms of weight bearing load?
A. It is designed to withstand about 500g in load per cup ring. Basically, when assembling one kit, there are two cup rings, so if you assemble one RECUPKIT, it can withstand about 1kg. It can bear a load of 500g per cup ring, but if you connect multiple cup rings, one hook supports all the weight, so plants and objects should utilize only 2-3 cup rings. You can refer to the pictures introduced as examples of using the RECUPKIT.

Q. How long can I use the RECUPKIT?
A. The RECUPKIT is made of durable PP (polypropylene). The number of years that the product can be effectively used varies depending on the usage environment such as strong sunlight and the weight supported, but it can be typically used for approximately 1 to 2 years.

Q. Can I put a flower pot in the RECUPKIT?
A. Light plastic flower pots and plastic seedling pots that were acquired when buying plants have a drainage hole below, so we recommended putting the pot in a plastic disposable cup before inserting it into the cup ring. Please refrain from using porcelain and metal pots, even if they are small, as they are heavy and may be damaged.

Q. I'm trying to grow soil and plants in a plastic disposable cup. Is it okay if the cup has no water holes?
A. f there is no water hole, the soil will rot. When growing plants in containers that do not have water holes, use 'non-perishable soil' and 'no water hole soil' among commercially available culture soils.

Designed by MONDOMIO

Made in Korea




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Mondomio Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
Business type



11, Chilseong-ro 17-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
Product Category
Pet Products
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Company introduction

Founded in 2005, Mondomio is an industrial design expert certified as an excellent design venture startup with an affiliated research institute.

‘Adding design and technology to safe materials'

Dedicated to the study of sustainable design based on traditional Korean culture technology.


2022 DNA PARIS Design Award Main Prize

2021 US IDEA Design Award Main Prize

2020 Germany IF Design Award Main Prize

2021 Gold, Silver, Bronze Award (Seoul International Invention Exhibition)

2019 Grand Award (Taiwan International Invention Competition)

Main Markets

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

Japan Japan


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