Oldam Monstera Baby Wet Wipes Cap Type

Oldam Monstera Baby Wet Wipes Cap Type

Baby Wet Wipes

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South Korea
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baby wipes, natural extracts, sanitary wipes, wet wipes
Feminine Hygiene , Wet Wipes , Baby Safety & Care , Other Baby Supplies & Products
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Oldam Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2018
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Product name Oldam Monstera Baby Wet Wipes Cap Type Certification -
Category Feminine Hygiene
Wet Wipes
Baby Safety & Care
Other Baby Supplies & Products
Ingredients -
Keyword baby wipes , natural extracts , sanitary wipes , wet wipes Unit Size 23.0 * 11.0 * 7.0 cm
Brand name OLDAM Unit Weigh 480 g
origin South Korea Stock 10000
Supply type Available,ODM,OEM HS code 3307909000

Product Information


Baby Wet Wipes OLDAM



Baby Wet Wipes is sanitary and antibacterial made from natural extracts.

No worries about using your lovely babies



OLDAM wet wipes Baby wet wipes

OLDAM wet wipes Baby wet wipes




Baby Wet Wipes OLDAM is loved for 6 reasons


1. Purified water

The water purified with our precise purification system removes 99% of microorganisms and foreign substances.


2. Free from dust and lint

Wet Wipes don’t get dusty or linty after its used.


3. Inter folder method

You can easily take wipes out one by one by using this method.


4. Embossed fabric

The embossed fabrics reduce skin irritation. It is safe for a sensitive skin.


5. Nature extracts from the clean area, Jeju island

Jeju Island is designated as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

 Baby Wipes OLDAM coontains a Phytoncide extracts of Jeju Island.

It makes skin soothing and moisturizing.


6. Safe ingredients

MIT & Paraben-Free.

We only use ingredients approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration.

And our products have an Excellent level of Dermatest passed on the level "Excellent" that proves its safety.

Our products don't lead to toxic reactions.



Dermatest Excellent level.

Our products got an excellent grade of Dermatest, so we do not have to worry about sensitive skin.

*Dermatest is conducted by Dermatest GmbH, a research institute in Germany.

It is well-known for investigating hypo-allergenic cosmetics in that field.

It checks how the skin reacts to a product.


*Our products get zero indexes of Primary Irritation test by FDA.







1. How to use it?

Wipe our baby’s skin gently. The thick embossed fabric reduces skin irritation.

Also, it is a multipurpose product that can be used for babies.


2. Is it safe to use?

All products of OLDAM are produced safely based on the ‘Cosmetic Safety Standards’.

Please use without any worries.


3. Can the product be used from head to toe?

Yes, Baby Wipes OLDAM contains natural and gentle ingredients and it is safe to use on entire baby.


4. Is Baby Wipes OLDAM flushable baby wipes?

No, Baby Wipes OLDAM is not flushable. It can clog the toilet if you throw away.



* Please contact us firstly so that we could have it a start to communicate with your company

Especially, cost, lead time, and some information should be different comparing to information above.

So, please contact us firstly and we look forward to your reply.

Product Name

Oldam Monstera Baby Wipes Portable & Cap Type

Chemical Name


Cetylpyridinium Chloride


Citric Acid

Cryptomeria Japonica Leaf Extract



Baby Wet Wipes cap type(70 sheets)

In terms of package

70 sheets in a pack / 10 packs in a box


480g / 1.1lb


230x110x70 mm /  9.1x4.3x2.8 inch / 1.1x0.4x0.2 ft




60 (Embossing)


B2B Trade

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Oldam Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2018
Business type



chungdaero1 S21 1 205, Seowon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Baby Safety & Care,Other Baby Supplies & Products,Wet Wipes
Year Established
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Company introduction



OLDAM is a Korean company which handles various types of wet wipes such as flushable wipes and baby wipes.

After releasing first item in 2018, OLDAM hasgrown up quickly in online markets, and is preferred by many consumers.

In a year of foundation, we got a 'Confirmation of venture businesses' certification of The Korea SMEs and Startups Agency in 2019.


OLDAM’smotto is ‘Honesty’, which is our belief.

Our first objective is tokeep your family healthy and safe.

It isproved by the fact of using natural fabrics and ingredients.



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