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bookbinding, pvc coated paper, vinyl paper, bookcovering
Coated Paper , Other Office Papers , Plastic Film , Plastic Sheets
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May 22, 2024
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South Korea South Korea /
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Product name PVC Coated Paper Certification -
Category Coated Paper
Other Office Papers
Plastic Film
Plastic Sheets
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Product Information

We have been in this field more than 20 years producing in our Korea factory for quality and shipped to many world countries such as China, Japan, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Europe, America etc. Most existing customers have come with us more than 10-15 years with our quality, and new comers are coming to develop more competitive costs for their PVC Coated Paper designs supplied by others such as BN Int. Holland or Germany, Italy etc. Now we introduce you details as follows.
Our specifications & conditions are:
1. Colors & Patterns:
-Standard PVC coated paper - STANDARD.
-Pearl processed PVC coated paper - PEARL
-Metallic colors more costed PVC coated paper -METALLIC

2. Thickness & sizes.
0.20mm (170gsm) x 106cm x 100m per roll is standard feature (0.08mm PVC + 70gsm paper) - STANDARD
0.20mm (170gsm) x 112cm x 100m per roll is standard feature (0.08mm PVC + 70gsm paper) - WIDER
0.23mm (200gsm) x 106cm x 100m per roll is higher version (0.10mm PVC + 70gsm paper) - THICKER


3. Price
Prices are negotiable depending on volume quantity. These days the container basis shipments (100,000m/20ft) are being made at /m for standard feature 0.20mm x 106cm(width) x 100m per roll. The other thickness, colors such as pearl or metallic are further discussed when it is necessary.


4. Quality

No troubles of gold stamping, adhesive strength etc. From our long time experiences of production using quality materials from LG Korea with existing customers, we have never had troubles in quality, especially with Japan/America customers as well. We believe this long lasting relationship is made by our reliable quality images.


5. Samples

We have 650 different colors and embossing patterns developped and ready now, for which colors and patterns swatch books are available freely when you ask DHL or UPS etc. in your country to pick it up in our office here for sending you at buyer's account.

However, any new exclusive colors of your own for enough quantity are welcoming for development if you have cut samples.

6. Shipment lead time.
Very short shipment lead time of 10-14 days for a container 1,000 rolls for existing colors, and 15-20 days for a container 1,000 rolls for new colors required to develop with colors samples.
7. Payment terms.
Payment is made with T/T partial mostly by existing customers, and L/C at sight via 1st class bank in seldom cases.
Many thanks again and hope to make a good business with you and wish to hear you soon.


B2B Trade

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Recent Visit
May 22, 2024
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605 Riser Offistel, 38 Jungbalsan-Ro 42 street, Ilsandong-Gu, Goyang-Si, Gyunggi-Do, 410-837 Korea
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Doors & Windows,Other Office Supplies,Plastic Sheets
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ESDY Corporation was established in Feb. 1994 as MFR and Exporter of PVC Coated Paper rolls and PVC Sheets in Korea, and currently export it to North America, Middle East, Africa, India etc. We have developped 650 different designs and patterns and colors, and supply existing customers on long term, and any new customers are welcoming for discussions The main specifications are, PVC Coated Paper rolls (Vinyl Paper) 0.20-0.25mm thickness, 106cm width, 100m per roll, 1,000 rolls per 20ft container, 650 different patterns, and any new colors are ok with submission of 1mx1m size sample. We do shortest lead time for production and shipment which is 14 days to 20 days for normal container load order.

Welcoming any customers who is interested in our products. You will get answer 100% in shortest time from us. Many thanks for your kind attention.

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