Ortho-K LK Lens(Lens, Contact Lens)

Ortho-K LK Lens(Lens, Contact Lens)

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Lucid Korea Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Product Information

Orthokeratology is,

The temporary reduction of myopia achieved by the programmed application of contact lenses to reshape the cornea.

Modern orthokeratology (ortho-k) achieves this using specially designed reverse geometry gas permeable [GP] ortho-k shaping lenses worn during sleep.

History of orthokeratology

Orthokeratology, or ortho-k fitting, has been employed since the early 1960s
In one form or another in the United States by George Jessen.
In 1996, Dr.Tom Reim has developed 4 Curve Design ortho-k lens for more effective and safe. Now Lucid Korea has developed 5 Curve Design ortho-k lens for advanced orthokeratology.

Gently change the shape of your eye to correct Myopia

The Ortho-K LK Lens Contact lens is a unique gas permeable contact lens that changes the shape of the eye while sleeping. The result is improved for uncorrected vision throughout the day. The Ortho-K LK Lens offers an alternative solution. Unlike surgical procedures whose results are permanent, the Ortho-K LK Lens design can be fine-tuned to address any future vision needs. Plus, if you choose to stop wearing the Ortho-K LK Lens, the eye returns to its original shape.

Benefits for Ortho-K LK Lens

  • The alternative way of myopia management, not throughout surgery
  • Higher safety than surgery (PRK), Low critical side effect
  • Can be reversible after 3~4 weeks, discontinuing lens wear
  • Effective to reduce myopia at every age, especially juvenile
  • Can be controlled myopia progression as well as myopia reduction
  • Easy to reduce myopia by overnight wear of lenses
  • Not necessary to wear lenses at day time

Non surgical vision correction

  • Strong point of ortho-K LK lens
    - The effect which suppresses a myopia progress is proven. Recently the effect which suppresses a nearsighted progress from test result of the researchers has given proof and vision is continuously effective in the growth period young people who become worse.
  • Experience Improved Vision on the Very First Day
    - Typically only one night is required to see an improvement in uncorrected vision. It is not unusual to have excellent uncorrected vision on the next morning after the first night of wear. Within one week, in most cases, only nightwear is required to maintain good vision throughout the day.
  • No Age Limit
    - Ortho-K LK Lens does not have age limit. Anyone over 7 years old can wear the lenses. Only, in the case of child the parents' cooperation is necessary.
  • Side Effects?
    - There are no known side effects until now. Except the discomfort when wearing a normal RGP lens. Because the cornea returns to its position, please take off the lens and consult an ophthalmologist when any problems arise. If you follow their instructions, it will recover 100% in days. It is also good because there are no limits to it. Whether you are men and women of all ages, there is an effect in stopping myopia from getting worse. Therefore it is very comfortable for growing children, people incapable of surgery, athletes, pilots, stuntmen, artists, captains of air flights who can't wear lens all the time.
  • Durability of Lens
    - It may vary according to the way you manage your lens, but Lucid Korea guarantees up to 3 years. Use and manage it safely.
  • Target People
    - No limits to the use. However, people with severe dryness in the eye can be applied. Consult an ophthalmologist first. Lucid LK lens has been approved by the KFDA and its Quality Department guarantees its safety and function. Use it without hesitation.

Overnight contact lens

  • Is Ortho-K LK Lens safe overnight wearing?
    - LK Lens' material is Boston XO which is provided by Polymer Technology-Bausch&Lomb Company. Boston XO has high gas transmission (DK100) and can provide sufficient oxygen to cornea while you wear lenses and sleep.
  • Good Candidate for Ortho-K LK Lens
    - Myopia up to -5.0D, and with Astigmatism up to -2.0D Childhood who is getting worse in myopia Pilots, Actor/Actress, Fireman, Sport Player who can not wear glasses People who suffer from the side effect of soft contact lenses

Accelerated orthokeratology

  • Proven Results. Ortho-K LK Lens
    - Ortho-K LK Lens is a specially designed therapeutic contact lens that gently and temporally reshapes the cornea while you sleep. Through intense research and clinical testing, Ortho-K LK Lens has been approved for KFDA and CE certificates as both safe and effective for patients of all ages when wearing and sleeping. The result for you is great vision 24 hours a day-without the lenses during waking hours and while they're in at night-with correction of myopia and myopia with astigmatism.
  • People who experienced...
    - "It was like miracle when I wear LK Lens. I can see without glasses at anytime. I felt shamed when I wear glasses. Now I can show myself in front of people and feel happy."
    - "I feel comfortable in evening, because I suffered from soft contact lenses at that time. LK Lens is good for career woman who suffered from side effect of soft contact lenses and fear for LASIK surgery."

Corneal reshaping lenses

  • Curves for LK Lens
    - Standard Set
    - Base Curve Zone : 6.0~6.2mm
    - Alignment Curve1.1 Zone : 0.5/0.6mm
    - Reverse Curve Zone : 0.7mm v
    - Peripheral Curve Zone : 0.4mm / Total Dia : 10.6mm


Model Ortho-K LK Lens
Material Boston XO
DK Value 100
Color Ice Blue.Violet
Power (RP) -0.50~ -5.00D(0.25step)
Flat-K 7.50~8.39(0.05step)
OAD(Total Danmeter) 10.2/10.6mm
Wearing time Overnight Wearing
Age Not limited(7~50 Yrs, M/F)
Effective For chilren due to
myopia control effect

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Lucid Korea Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type



748, Geochon-ri, Bonghwa-eup, BongHwa-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Eyeglasses & Lenses
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

Lucid Korea is a contact lens manufacturer founded in 1996 by the executive team with more than 30 years' knowledge in the optical field. Lucid Korea adheres to the legacy of "harmonious dedication to promoting best quality, craftsmanship, and customers satisfaction in communal consciousness," and every employee is much committed to accomplishing the mission that every product shall take the place of his/her eye.

The company is thus pursuing to become a global eye care company and at present has 5 research projects going on with 4 allied universities. The company is doing researches on the new high-tech artificial cornea which will replace the human cornea, pseudophakos for cataract patients, artificial eye, corneal transplant stabilizing ring, and lens capsule safety ring.

Furthermore, new innovated products, such as pseudophakos and lens capsule safety ring, are replacing imported goods to 100% and thereupon putting them on sales drive. Lucid Korea does research and develop optical products as well as manufacture them.

With foreigners' investment, a select venture firm, acquirement of the KT mark, and various patents obtained, the firm is forwarding a basis as a venture industry leading the 21st century thereby to change the history of Korean ophthalmology with such technical and systematizing potential.

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