Standard Traffic Signal Controller

Standard Traffic Signal Controller

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Korea Electric Traffic Co., Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product Information

Standard traffic signal controller

  • Voltage : Free Voltage(AC)
  • Operating frequency : 60Hz+3.0Hz
  • Power consumption : 40W
  • Output : 48outputs


  • Real time signal control and providing vehicle information
  • Central remote control function
  • Linked control function (on line, wireless)
  • Real time control function is available in independent cross road
  • Vehicle actuation control function
  • Realizing optimum signal by collecting traffic load by road and direction through loop detector
  • Available to accept various substitute detectors such as image detector in controller
  • Communication device (2400bps)
  • Receiver for satellite time casting, P/F time caster, acoustic signal indicator for the blind (optional)

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Korea Electric Traffic Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Sun-ho Kim
94-119, Yeongdeungpo-dong 2-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 150-901 KOREA
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Company introduction

The last century brought about many changes in our daily lives and the current trend of globalization promises yet more changes in the new century.

The Korea Electric Traffic has been striving for improvement and development of road traffic conditions for the last fifty-five years since the founding, and we shall continue the strive well into the new century.

Protecting human life and happiness and promoting convenience and safety are out first priority, for which our company has invested its energy and effort in research and development of road traffic safety facilities.

With the goal of making innovative and top-quality product, we begin the century with renewed determination and enthusiasm.

We ask all members of the company and those in the traffic related fields to give support and cooperation in our strive to reach the goals.

Once again, with the anticipation of yet another year of success and hard-work, we wish all of you happiness. Thank You


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