Shapl Hair styler

110,000 RPM, 0.360kg ultralight weight, cold shot, 4lever temperature, curl, stand, High quality design

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hair, hair curl, hair dryer, hair styler
Hair Dryer , Hair Straightener , Other Beauty Appliance
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Syapeul Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2017
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Product name Shapl Hair styler Certification -
Category Hair Dryer
Hair Straightener
Other Beauty Appliance
Keyword hair , hair curl , hair dryer , hair styler Unit Size 110.0 * 165.0 * 40.0 mm
Brand name SHAPL Unit Weigh 0 kg
origin China Stock 3000
Supply type OEM HS code 8516

Product Information

・Fast dying and damage-free styling with high-speed air-tech! SHAPL Hairstyler

・Design, more innovation!

・It has concentrated drying mode, Professional styling mode, Hands-free mode of world's first patented technology. Its provides conveience optimized for users' lifestyle patterns. In addition, the powerful winds of digital high-pressure injection made by 110,000 rpm BLDC motors with compact. design and light weight inversion of 365g (excluding wires) allow users to feel the high-speed air-tech of shaples, which can be styled from the scalp to dry care and without any damage to the head.

・The SHAPL Hairdryer consists of a professional styling nozzle, a Koanda C-curl 36mm nozzle, and hand-free stand.

1. SHAPL HairStyler series is three color : "Shine Black with minimal charm, "Pearl White" with subtle pearls, and "Baby Pink" with warm emotions. It plans to add 'mat black' color for experts in the future, and also plans customized products that meet users' needs.


2. Intensive drying mode that allows complete drying from scalp to hair with strong wind spread.


3. Concentrated nozzle for finely drying and styling desired areas


4. Basic configuration accessories ranging from natural S-curls to voluminous C-curls to nozzles that can be easily styled can be used in various way depending on the application.


5. SHAPL Hairdryer Pro, which adopted the hands-free method for the world's first hairdryer. It offers new lifestyles of selfcare-mode, pet care, parenting, and leisure.

1. BLDC digital high speed motor v1

Fast drying and damage-free styling


2. 0.360 kg ultralight weight

Shophisticated design and strong durability with 31 parts nevertheless have lighter weight(0.360kg)


3. 3Depth filter system

Removable inlet cover provides easy cleaning and prevents motor jamming of debris such as hair


4. Cold shot

Press and hold the wind temperature button (1 second) to activate the cold shot (82.4℉) To return, press of the wind temperature button shot


5. Filter cleaning alarm system

After calculating the usage, filter cleaning alert displays The all LED on the wind speed button flashes simultaneously


6. 4level temperature / 3 level speed wind control

Total 12 types of wind optimized for high-speed drying and styling Including the cold shot


7. Anti-static Technology

With Lon generating technology, styling hair without static electricity


8. Smart Meomory System

By memorizing the usage pattern, automatically run as same as the last time wind speed and temperature


9. Wire length variation

3m for professional - Jet Black

2m for everday life - White, Pink


10. One-year free AS

Register your product and receive the care from SHAPL




Product safety(KC)

JC071714 - 20001A     R-R-Sp6-S1HD01A


Radon test

- test result from KOTITI research lab

- The result is 98% lower 3.65Bq/

- Compated to the safety reference value(148Bq/㎥)

Negative ion test

- Average number of negative ions more than 2milion

-Proven anti-static effects on hair

Product Info Attached File

Shapl Hairstyler--min-min.pdf

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Syapeul Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2017
Business type



21 Baekbeomro 31gil Mapogu Seoul Korea, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Hair Dryer,Hair Styling Products
Year Established
Company introduction

Global design platform offers a brand new service that deviates from traditional distributor-oriented product planning and its production under the slogan "MAKE with your LIKE." innovative products with the participation of designers, consumers and factories will be sold directly to the consumers.


The fourth Industrial Revolution is not the automation of manufacturing but a diversification of manufacturing participation. Like YouTube connects audiences to youtubers in the streaming area, SHAPL provides the off-line infrastructure to the online platform where creators such as product designers can communicate directly with consumers and commercialize their designs and ideas


We offer various service to designers to innvate production and distribution from the very beginning that designers and consumers make together so new and talented designers can be selected directly by consumers, verified by tthe market, and chosen to be star designers without any diploma of prestigious university or any famous brand.

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