Compound Bearing (Solid Lubricant Bearing)

Compound Bearing (Solid Lubricant Bearing)

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Bandobearing Company

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South Korea South Korea / 1982
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Auto Bearing
Ball Bearings
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Product Information

Compound Bearing is graphite based solid lubricant specifically designed for ball and roller bearings. It is a mixture of graphite and binders that is prepared in such a way as to allow the mixture to be injected into the clean bearing and then thermally cured to harden the mixture within the bearing. The solidified mixture will fill nearly 100% of the space between the inner and outer races of the bearing, encapsulating the balls or rollers and the cage. 


When the bearing rotates (or moves in any manner) the graphite lubricant moves in conjunction with the cage and balls or rollers. Any movement will cause the graphite to deposit on every surface that it touches leaving a thin film of graphite on the surface. The thin film of graphite prevents metal to metal contact between the balls or rollers and the races and provides a low coefficient of friction for the balls or rollers to roll over the races. 

DCSL(Dry Carbon Solid Lubrication) FEATURES:

1. Usable temperature range: -250 to 660 in Fahrenheit

2. Low starting torque that is constant across the entire usable temperature range, similar to free-spinning bearings.

3. will not be washed out by steam and is not affected by most common solvents, acids, and alkalies.

4. Environmentally safe and will not drip or fling even in extreme temperatures.

5. Effectively seals the bearing, protecting it from dust, dirt, or other contaminants.

6. DCSL is a dry lubricant, eliminating the possibility of contaminants sticking to grease.

7.Extremely low out gassing characteristics in high vacuum applications.

8. Lubricated for life, no additional lubrication ever


DCSL(Dry Carbon Solid Lubrication) LIMITATIONS: 

1. Not for use with needle bearings and some thrust bearings

2. DCSL does not inhibit corrosion. If corrosion is needed, stanless steel or FNCER treated hardware is required.

3. Not recommended for high impact applications, Vibration or moderate impact will normally affect DCSL.

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Bandobearing Company

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1982
Business type
Trading Company



Wang Young Kim
197, Gurojungang-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, S.Korea
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Company introduction
Since Bando Bearing Commercial Office was founded in 1982, we have distributed all kinds of bearings in domestic clients with good quality, competitive prices, and short-term delivery period. We are now ready to distribute all kinds of bearings with Korean brands as well as the other country's brands overseas. With long-term experience, we always suggest the proper one for assembling your machines.

With the confidence on quality of Korean brand, we have started to sell the goods abroad since 2013. Here are so many Korean brands with good qualities, such as KBC, GMB, IBC, JMC, ILJIN, SBC, MR, WBC, SAMICK, and so on.

The global manufacturing conglomerates have joint-ventured with Korean companies, believing in the Korean high-technology manufacture system. We are also responsible to distribute Korean brand to the world with the pride on quality.

Don't hesitate to inquire of us. We also uploaded the dimensions for various kinds of bearings in our website. We are also able to give you information about any kinds of bearings which we have not uploaded yet.

We are looking forward to having good business relationships with you.
Thank You.
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