Laminating Film

Laminating Film

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laminating film, laminator, laminators
Graph Plotter & Laminator , Plastic Film
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South Korea South Korea / 1997
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Category Graph Plotter & Laminator
Plastic Film
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Product Information

Laminating Film


  • High Transparency!
  • Excellent Adhesion!
  • Bright Shiny Finish!
  • Enhancing Colors / Sharpening Images!
  • Various Applications!


Glossy Laminating Film
  • Feature : High glossy & Transparency finish
  • Application : Document, Card, Photo, Picture, Menu etc., General purpose.
  • Antibacterial
    Laminating Film
  • Feature : Special antibacterial treatment on surface Protecting from an infection by bacteria 97~99% bacterial decreasing rate
  • Application : Hospital, Restaurant, Kindergarten, School , Home etc.
  • Matt Laminating Film
  • Feature : Glare-free, Soft & matt texture finish
  • Application : Luxurious image direction. A place where is lots of reflected light. Writing on surface
  • UV Cut Laminating Film
  • Feature : Blocking UV to prolong original color & transparency Average UV blocking rate 80%
  • Application : High resolution photo & picture, To prolong original color & transparency etc., Outdoors
  • Soft Sticky Back
    Laminating Film
  • Feature : One side of this film has soft adhesion. You can stick it on flat surface and remove softly and can use it repeatedly, like 3M Post-it.
  • Application : Glass wall & door, Plastic panel etc., Flat & smooth surface (repeat use)
  • Sticky Back
    Laminating Film
  • Feature : One side of this film has adhesion strong adhesion. You can stick it on any surface very strongly.
  • Application : Any surface (one time use)



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    Country / Year Established
    South Korea South Korea / 1997
    Business type



    206 Aegibong-ro, Wolgot-myon, Gimpo-si, Gyounggi-do, Korea
    Product Category
    Graph Plotter & Laminator,Laminating Machines,Plastic Product Making Machinery
    Year Established
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    Company introduction


    Lami-Ace is a long established global supplier of lamination products. Based in Seoul, Korea, we have been specializing in manufacturing lamination related products for over a decade and with the systematic production line operated by industry experts, we produce superior quality products that are unrivaled by our competitors. With years of experience and accumulated expertise, we are now one of the industry leaders, striving to expand our reach not only to the local customers, but also to the international consumer groups.  



    Vision & Mission

    We, Lami-Ace, have been moving forward with a vision that has guided the company to advancement since its foundation in 1997; we have envisioned ourselves to become a leader of lamination product industry, producing only the finest that receives worldwide recognition.

    Two fundamental values observed by every member in the company enable us to get closer to what we aim to accomplish: Integrity and commitment to excellence.


    Integrity: A higher degree of credibility is one of the key factors that influence the success in business. We have the industry-recognized expertise in lamination products and years of international trade experience with more than 40 different countries which ensure a reliable and professional business relation. In fact, a number of local and international client groups have responded to our dedication, engaging in a long-term business relationship with us; some of our current clients have been doing business with us since the earlier days of our company.  


    Commitment to excellence: We are determined to provide products and services that respond and exceed client expectations. Numerous awards that our products have received confirm that they indeed demonstrate an outstanding quality that set us apart from other brands. We have high standards and take pride in what we provide. It is our mission to retain our reputation as the premium product providers, cultivating life-time customer loyalty for our products.  


    We are committed to providing superior value and service to our customers. We lead through innovation, producing exceptional product reliability and customer satisfaction. We are Lami-Ace, the front-runner of lamination products.


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    Germany Germany

    Japan Japan

    U.S.A U.S.A

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