Silicone Hydrogel Color Soft Contact Lens - Aloview2

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color lens, contact lens, colour lens, soft contaact lens
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South Korea South Korea / 2012
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Product name Silicone Hydrogel Color Soft Contact Lens - Aloview2 Certification -
Category Contact Lenses Ingredients -
Keyword color lens , contact lens , colour lens , soft contaact lens Unit Size -
Brand name RUMILENS Unit Weigh -
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Supply type - HS code 900130

Product Information


Aloview 2

│ Features │

• Clear refracting power and good wetting force
  Our lens boasts of clear refractive power due to its high water absorption function and excellent optical properties.

  In addition, it has good tears wetting force with moisturing power.

• FDA approved cosmetic pigments
  Ours provides superior pigment stability by inserting cosmetic pigment into the material of lens which was approved

  by FDA, satisfies the customer's requirments with a variety of designs and pigment tone.


• Silicone hydrogel lenses are highly functional products that ensure eye comfort and health

  "Silicone hydrogel lens" combine the advantages of hard and soft lens in a unique material that has been

  developed to provide the high oxygen penetration of hard lenses and the comfort and high levels of moisture

  in soft lens.


│ Specification │

- Vertex refractive power : 0.00 ~ -10.00(0.00~-5.00:0.25steps/-5.00~-10.00:0.50steps)
- Water content(%) : 45%
- Visible ray transmissivity(%) : 95%
- Oxygen permeability(×10⁻¹¹(cm²/s) [(mL O₂/(mL·mmHg)]) : 12 ± 20
- DIA : 14.2mm
- B.C : 8.6mm



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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2012
Business type



Dong Ha Cho
225-46, Pyeongdongsandan-ro, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Korea.
Product Category
Contact Lenses,Eyewear Accessories
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Company introduction

Magic Con Co.,Ltd is a specialized contact lens manufacturing firm that maintains healthy view and manage clean eyesight of the people of the whole world and expresses naturalness and beauty of the eyes. Magic Con Co.,Ltd will make efforts to achieve global mission and vision with a management doctring to materialize a quality policy called customer satisfaction, improvement of quality and improvement of customer service based on a lot of experience and knowhow. For production of a global contact lens we will do our best not only to meet the customer's need on the basis of lots of manufacturing technology, clinical experience along with the optimum automation facilities but also to stabilize the product.

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China China

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

Indonesia Indonesia

South Korea South Korea

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MagicCon Co.,Ltd

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