Diamond Tools: Diamond Blade, Diamond Polishing Pads, Diamond Grinding Wheel, Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond Tools: Diamond Blade, Diamond Polishing Pads, Diamond Grinding Wheel, Diamond Wire Saw

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diamond tool, diamond tools, stone tools, stone cutting tools
Other Machinery Parts , Abrasive Tools , Other Power Tools , Saw
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ChinShine Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.

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Product name Diamond Tools: Diamond Blade, Diamond Polishing Pads, Diamond Grinding Wheel, Diamond Wire Saw Certification -
Category Other Machinery Parts
Abrasive Tools
Other Power Tools
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ChinShine has achieved a high-level into the market, creating a full line of diamond tools including diamond saw blades, diamond core drill bits, diamond segmentsgrinding discs, diamond grinding wheel , polishing pads, diamond wire saws and other professional diamond cutting tools, grinding tools, finishing tools and polishing tools. 
Our main features are:
  • Flexibility. The experienced engineers and workers enable ChinShine to supply various customer-made tools which are designed according to application objects and condition.
  • Possessing substantial support from local research institution. We have good communication with institute of physics for years, scientific and efficient methods are introduced to the production.
  • Customer service and quality focused.
  • Widespread praise from buyers, great quality authentication.

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ChinShine Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
China China /
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Haiyin Building, Haicang Area, Xiamen, China
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Other Machinery Parts,Other Power Tools
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Quanzhou ChinShine(CS) Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. – your crackerjack partner in hard material processing technology!
As a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality diamond tools, we offer all operators in the stone field with precise and efficient solutions for various construction works like cutting, grinding and polishing granite, marble, concrete, limestone, sandstone, basalt etc. The company was founded in 2001 on the basis of deep knowledge of stone and super hard materials and is well known for its expertise.
With years of hard study and top quality metal powder and diamond grits, our experienced technicians had worked out hundreds of mature formula for all kinds of working condition. This feature allows us to develop predicate and distinguish ChinShine worldwide.
For stone and construction industry, our diamond tools are super qualified. They are produced with advanced equipment, superior quality diamond and metal powder. Many companies offers diamond tools which look same with ChinShine’s, but once you try ChinShine, you will know, it is different. We have a full line of diamond tools with great sharpness, high efficiency and long working life.
For cutting, we offer diamond circular saw blade and diamond segment range from dia. 105mm to dia. 3500mm, diamond wire saw ranges from dia. 8.5mm to dia. 11.5mm. For grinding, we offer diamond grinding disc, grinding wheel, round/fickert/Frankfurt, manual and automatic.
For drilling, we offer diamond core drill ranges from dia. 6mm to dia. 300mm. For abrasion and polishing, we offer wet/dry flexible polishing pad, black/white buff, floor renew pad, resin hard polishing pad and antique brush.
These tools are applicable to marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, basalt, concrete, asphalt; please indicate the object and specification when sending the inquiry to us.


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